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The new business of the "Sharing Economy"

While most assume that big companies will find the collaborative economy too risky, too unstable, or too unorthodox, that hasn’t stopped companies in fields like graphic design, software development, and even outsourced back-office services from shattering these preconceptions and proving the viability of the model for the world's largest and most influential brands. Read more from Fast Company and see also:

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Florida Trend Exclusive
Bright Ideas for Florida in 2014

Call them New Year's resolutions if you like. As 2014 approached, Florida Trend asked dozens of Floridians this question: What's something Florida could do — in 2014 — to make the state a better place to live? In this continuing series, today we look at bright ideas on the topics of:

» Water - Think Ahead

» Environment - Land Purchases

» Elections - More non-partisanship needed

Floridians are driving less, relying more on mass transit, study finds

Jokes about Floridians exiting their air conditioned homes only to enter their air conditioned cars may be on their way out. A new study by the U.S. Public Interest Research Group, released on Wednesday, found that people living in Florida's major cities are driving less, mirroring a national trend among urbanites. [Source: Tampa Bay Times]

How a little Asian bug is crushing the US OJ business

Since greening was discovered in Florida about eight years ago, orange production in the state has fallen by half. Moreover, because of treatments like the nutritional spray, the cost of producing those orange has doubled. [Source: Marketplace]

Vacation and Business Travel Planner

Follow these links to great ideas for your next vacation getaway or corporate meeting!

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• Orlando   |   • Viva Florida
• St. Petersburg & Clearwater
• Jacksonville and the beaches
• Miami International Airport
• Ocala and Marion County

Florida Supreme Court to hear medical-marijuana case

Tallahassee's political establishment has repeatedly blocked legislative votes on medical marijuana and will ask the Florida Supreme Court on Thursday to follow suit and keep the issue away from state voters in 2014. Led by Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi, opponents have raised a host of objections to the proposed state constitutional amendment. [Source: Times/Herald]


› Orlando tech firm touts next-gen lighting for smartphones, tablets
When Chris Morton looks at the screen of an iPhone or Android, he sees the past. But in his company's laboratory, he sees the future. The longtime Orlando high-tech executive and his cadre of scientists at the University of Florida say they have created the next big thing for smartphone display screens.

› AutoNation November new vehicle sales up 13 percent
AutoNation Inc. said Wednesday that its new vehicle sales rose 13 percent to 25,454 in November, as demand for domestic, import and premium luxury vehicles all rose by double digits.
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› Hospitality industry reviewing state Senator's call for $10.10 minimum wage
Florida Restaurant and Lodging Association officials say they’re reviewing a bill which would raise the minimum wage for all employees in the state to $10.10 an hour.
Orlando Joins 200 Cities Rallying for Higher Minimum Wage
» As low-wage jobs gain momentum, so do protests over pay

› Museum accepting applications for Cade prize
The Cade Museum for Creativity + Invention has started taking applications for the fifth annual $50,000 Cade Museum Prize. The competition is open to Florida residents and Florida-based companies.

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› Food safety is among top concerns for Floridians
Food safety is near the top of most Floridians’ concerns, behind only the economy and health care, a survey by the University of Florida shows. The survey covered several food-related issues, including public perceptions about food safety, food insecurity and genetically modified foods.

› Swamp Head looking to move brewery and double in size
Swamp Head Brewery is taking advantage of the chance that its building may be demolished for an interstate overpass to build a new brewery and tasting room next year that doubles space for the growing craft beer maker.

› Perez Art Museum opening solidifies Miami's international art cred - slideshow
The Perez Art Museum Miami is more than a Polaroid picture of the world’s greatest art, it’s an iconic piece of architecture that makes the visitor feel like Miami is the only place to live.

› Appeals court clears way for St. Petersburg Pier demolition
An appellate court has ruled against former mayoral candidate Kathleen Ford's attempt to prevent the city from demolishing the inverted pyramid.