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Set Your Sights on In-Demand Jobs

If your job search has hit a brick wall, maybe you are applying for jobs where there are too many candidates for the number of available positions. Take a new approach. Target your job search — and the preparation you need to qualify — based upon positions that are in demand by employers and that are expected to have continued growth.

The Florida Department of Economic Opportunity tracks in-demand occupations. They categorize the occupations based upon projected growth, number of open positions, training requirements and whether or not it is a targeted occupation. If it is a targeted occupation, there could be training assistance available to help you become a stronger candidate.

Target Your Search to a Targeted Job

1. Review the occupations listed below and see if there are any that sound interesting to you.

2. Think about the training time it would require for you to qualify — as well as the cost of that training. While your earning potential goes up with your level of education, you may not have the time or finances to invest in earning a bachelor's degree right now. But there are many well-paying jobs that you can qualify for with a vocational training certificate or associate degree.

3. Visit your local career center and ask a career counselor to help you make the best decision for jobs to pursue in your area.

Find a complete list of targeted occupations at www.floridajobs.org/targetedjobs

Highest-Growth Jobs Requiring Vocational Training Certificate
(2013 Average Entry Wage)

Diagnostic Medical Sonographers $21.51
Medical Equipment Repairers $13.19
Paralegals and Legal Assistants $15.31
Dental Assistants $12.27
Cardiovascular Technologists and Technicians $12.75
Licensed Practical and Licensed Vocational Nurses $16.20
Magnetic Resonance Imaging Technologists $23.61
Information Security Analysts $23.72
Radiologic Technologists $18.95
Computer Network Architects $21.79


Highest-Growth Jobs Requiring College Credit/Associate Degree
(2013 Average Entry Wage)

Interpreters and Translators $11.22
Physical Therapist Assistants $21.40
Dental Hygienists $21.03
Emergency Medical Technicians and Paramedics $11.37
Database Administrators $23.91
Network and Computer Systems Architects and Administrators $24.67
Software Developers, Applications $24.56
Respiratory Therapists $20.99
Loan Counselors $14.98
Registered Nurses $23.76


Highest-Growth Jobs Requiring Bachelor's Degree or Higher
(2013 Average Entry Wage)

Biomedical Engineers $24.02
Logisticians $22.09
Physicians Assistants $35.12
Software Developers, Systems Software $30.97
Personal Financial Advisors $17.68
Civil Engineers $27.12
Financial Analysts $23.49
Urban and Regional Planners $22.56
Health and Safety Engineers $23.01
Technical Writers $20.63

Source: Florida Department of Economic Opportunity, Bureau of Labor Market Statistics, September 2013. Jobs are listed in order of growth rate.