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Military Action

If military service hasn't been on your list of career and training options to consider, you may want to look again. Whether you enlist with a goal of receiving educational assistance or to pursue a full military career, serving is a way to a promising future. Military service offers great skills training, rewarding work and a strong compensation and benefits package.

Scholarships and tuition assistance are a big incentive. Based on your length of service, you may receive a percentage of tuition and fee payments paid to your school on your behalf; a monthly housing allowance; a books/supplies stipend of up to $1,000 per year. Visit www.gibill.va.gov to learn more.

"I wanted to serve my country because it was the right thing to do. My time as an Army Ranger gave me great skills, but most importantly, the self-confidence to realize I can accomplish goals. Thanks to the Army's education benefits, I have my B.S. in criminology and I'm now in the Army National Guard and working on a master's in public administration and public policy with a plan to enter politics as a lobbyist." - Bobby Mills (29), 2003 graduate of Aucilla Christian Academy, Monticello, FL - B.S., Florida State University

The minimum active duty commitment is generally four years but can vary. To qualify, you'll need to pass the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) test and some type of basic training or "boot camp."

If you are a veteran who has completed your service, make the most of your benefits by utilizing your scholarship/tuition assistance. Most all of the colleges and universities have a contact person to help veterans access their benefits, or go to www.gibill.va.gov to learn more.

"There are great benefits that come with the military, but it does come with some sacrificing. The military gives you that on-the-job training you need while you get your education. It's not for everyone, but it is very rewarding. I especially like the outdoor adventures while I'm stationed in Guam." - Matthew Beal (22), 2010 graduate of Deltona High School, U.S. Naval Base Apra Harbor, Guam


Army - www.army.mil
Air Force - www.af.mil
Navy - www.navy.mil
Marine Corps - www.marines.mil
Coast Guard - www.uscg.mil


Not ready to enlist full time?

The military reserves offer an option for you to serve near home until you are needed to deploy. The Army Reserve, for instance, offers service options ranging from three to six years and many of the same benefits as the full-time Army. You'll receive the same training as active-duty soldiers, return to your civilian life and spend one weekend a month drilling to keep your skills sharp. For two weeks a year, you'll serve on Active Duty, focusing on challenging field and specialty training. Visit ra.defense.gov to learn more.