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Wednesday's Daily Pulse

Florida growing but challenges remain

In the past year, Florida has added $4.8 billion in business investment, created 131,400 more jobs, and welcomed 90 million visitors. But challenges remain, including attracting more higher-wage jobs, improving high school graduation rates, attracting more venture capital and dealing with a growing population, the study said. Read more at the South Florida Sun-Sentinel and see the Florida Chamber Foundation's State of the State report.

Seth Cripe
Seth Cripe of Anna Maria Fish Co.

Florida Trend Exclusive
Aquaculture: Mullet Run

As mullet spawn in the southeast Gulf of Mexico each year from early November through January, the commercial fishing fleet that operates out of the village of Cortez harvests up to 400,000 pounds of mullet roe. The fishermen sell the fish eggs for between $6 and $15 a pound to processors, who freeze the roe in its natural casing and ship it to Europe and Asia. Full story.

Small firms discover buying beats renting

Some small businesses in South Florida are finding it's better to buy than to rent. Entrepreneurs, law firms and marketing companies are becoming their own landlords, locking in occupancy costs before expected increases in mortgage and rental rates, brokers say. [Source: South Florida Sun-Sentinel]

Upgrades necessary for ports to stay competitive

Individual states, and the private sector, are going to have to step in and make significant investments in deep-water ports if they want to stay competitive with other countries that are making those funding decisions. Indecision at the federal level isn't allowing for meaningful investments in the nation's ports. [Source: Florida Today]

Five things super successful people do before 8 AM

According to Inc. Magazine, morning people have been found to be more proactive and more productive. In addition, the health benefits for those with a life before work go on and on. Forbes explores 5 of the things successful people do before 8 am. [Source: Forbes]


› Hurricane fund still strong at end of season
Florida is ending this year's storm season with some good news. The state-created fund that backs up private insurers in Florida remains in the best financial shape it has been since it was created 20 years ago.

› State education board divided over standards
The state board that oversees Florida's public schools continues to be mired in a contentious debate over school standards.

› Crabbers to Joe’s Stone Crab restaurant: Pay us more
Who complains about stone crabs not costing enough? Crabbers, who on Tuesday went on strike against Joe’s Stone Crab accusing the legendary South Beach restaurant of setting wholesale prices unfairly low.

› State starts accepting jobless claims again
Unemployed Floridians are starting to file for jobless claims again. State officials said that a new online system used to process unemployment insurance claims was up and running Tuesday morning. The old system used by the state was shut down last week.

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› Florida Chamber creates health care business alliance
The Florida Chamber of Commerce is focusing on controlling health care costs by creating the Florida Business Alliance for Competitive Healthcare Solutions.

› Palm Bay finding itself in a trash-bin bind
As Palm Bay City Council considers ways to manage a dwindling inventory of trash carts, public works crews welcome a new shipment and track missing bins.

› Angry outcry over Warm Mineral Springs closure
As Warm Mineral Springs remains closed for the 107th straight day, public anger has reached a boiling point over why local governments have been unable to reopen the popular attraction.

› The Schackow Family Makes Personal Injury Law Their Business
You may have never had to call on them for your personal injury needs, but if you’ve seen one of their commercials then you know that they’re two names that are hard to forget. What you might not know is that the Schackow half of the firm is actually Gerald, Lynn and Brian; a father, daughter and son.