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Friday's Daily Pulse

Florida's hurricane-free streak in jeopardy

Florida's record streak of nearly eight years without a hurricane strike may be in jeopardy. Tropical Storm Karen flirted with hurricane strength Thursday and could be on a collision course with the Panhandle. Gov. Rick Scott has declared a state of emergency for 18 North Florida counties. More from the Sarasota Herald-Tribune and the Tampa Bay Times.

Fewer job cuts announced in September

Planned job cuts in September dropped from a month earlier in Florida and the rest of the nation, according to a report from outplacement firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas. Florida job cuts announced in September reached 863, bringing the Sunshine State's total year-to-date layoffs to 15,968, the highest in the southern region. [Source: South Florida Business Journal]

Two years later, NASA workers still mourn end of shuttle

Up and down the Space Coast, a similar story is playing out for thousands of families. Though the initial shock of the shuttle's retirement has long faded, the grind to find meaningful work - and a comparable paycheck - remains a constant pursuit. [Source: Phys.org]

Small businesses fear bankruptcy from national park shutdowns

The closure of national parks from sea to shining sea isn't just a disappointment to the millions of tourists who visit each year. It's also a kick in the gut for the small-business owners who run the shops and kiosks that depend on the tourists to stay in business. [Source: NBC News]

» Shutdown Day 3: Food distributor stalled, charter boat captains docked

Florida election chief tries to win support for purge

Florida's top election official is starting his push to get election supervisors to back a plan to remove non-U.S. citizens from the state's voter rolls. But top Democrats, including U.S. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, are already criticizing the move as a "political ploy" by Gov. Rick Scott to intimidate valid voters. [Source: AP]


› Skyscanner aims to grow Miami office
Skyscanner, the fast-growing global online travel search company, has opened its Miami office, which will serve as headquarters for the U.S., Latin American and Canadian markets.

› From FM to AM: The latest evolution of local radio
What's the frequency, South Florida? If you're wondering why you're hearing some of your favorite AM sports and news talk stations on the FM dial lately, it's part of a recent migration that's changing the airwaves.

› Tampa International to revamp its entire dining and shopping lineup
Imagine a Taco Bus at Tampa International Airport. Or maybe Cinnabon making its long-awaited final approach. Get ready for a whole new slew of places to eat, shop, drink and maybe even get a massage and facial while waiting for flights at the airport.

› Boca resort works to break out of time capsule
The Boca Raton Resort & Club is aiming to lure younger, tech-savvy travelers and local residents by shedding some traditional ways of doing business. Along the way, it also wants to ease its heavy reliance on high-end corporate meetings.

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› $50 million Powerball winner has yet to show
Back in May, a lucky someone bought a winning Powerball ticket at Carrollwood Market. The jackpot: $50 million. Either that someone doesn't know or is keeping a secret. The ticket holder has until midnight on Nov. 22, to collect the winnings.

› Florida law says found items must be turned in to police
In Florida, finders aren't always keepers. Suppose you spot an expensive camera on a park bench. Or maybe a wad of crisp $50 bills. Better march those items straight over to the nearest police department. If not, you can face a serious criminal charge.

› Orlando airport has deal for rail connection
The board that governs the Orlando International Airport has reached a deal with a private company that could make an intercity passenger rail between Orlando and Miami one step closer.

› Farmers markets return for the season
It's October and that means farmers markets are returning — a time to put your tiny dog in a stroller, suck on a gourmet caramel and sea salt popsicle and rummage through some artisanal cheeses.