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Changes may breathe life into once-banned internet cafes

Operators in Florida of now-banned Internet cafes that had been popular with retirees are taking a new tack to bring their industry back to life. They are modifying their machines, so that they no longer fall within a ban approved by the Florida Legislature in April. [Source: Florida Today]

Chile's Bci bank
"Self portrait," Jerry Uelsmann.
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Jerry Uelsmann is a 'Florida Icon'

» If I have an agenda, it’s to amaze myself.

» Early on, when I showed my photographs to photographers in New York, one of the comments I consistently got was, ‘This is very interesting, but this is not photography.’ That’s because my images were not camera-conceived images. It was the decision of the camera that was primary then, and that’s what I was sort of challenging.

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Column: Millennial shoppers hard to please, impossible to ignore

Historically, at least, Generation Y has been an age group retailers have struggled to reach. But since they are armed with the digital prowess and market savvy of most plugged-in millennials, retail chains have been forced to find a way to reach the 21st century's first true digital generation. [Source: Sarasota Herald-Tribune]

BP cites new fraud allegations in spill settlement

BP said Monday that it has uncovered new allegations of fraud and conflicts of interest inside the settlement program that has awarded billions of dollars to Gulf Coast businesses and residents for damage from the company's 2010 oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. [Source: AP]

Fans, owners worry that new food-truck rules could hurt business

Depending on whom you ask, Orlando's new food-truck rules are either a recipe for success or a road map to economic disaster for small-business owners. Food trucks, which arrived on the local scene in 2009, have experienced a surge in popularity during the past two years. [Source: Orlando Sentinel]


› Sarasota gets nod for World Rowing Championships
Sarasota has received a nod from a council from rowing's world governing body to host the 2017 World Rowing Championships. The recommendation was made following Suncoast Aquatic's presentation last month to the group in Switzerland, at the site of the 2013 World Cup rowing championship.

› Collier County works to figure out how to get the 'next Hertz'
The decision has been in the books for months: Hertz Corp. is moving to Lee County. But before picking a site on U.S. 41 in Estero in May, the car rental giant debated between Lee and Collier counties, among other locations.

› Plan to open Colt firearms plant in Osceola shows signs of life
Plans to open a Colt firearms plant in Osceola County got a jolt of life Monday, months after some local leaders had presumed the idea was dead. County commissioners approved a landlord agreement for the 16,000-square-foot facility long expected to house a Colt Manufacturing plant.

› Southwest Florida consumers spending more
Southwest Florida consumers are eating more, dressing better and building new homes at a solid pace. Business sales across the region jumped 8.2 percent in May over last year, topping the 5.7 percent statewide increase.

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› Clothing company Just Live spreads feel-good message
Ask Jared Lerner the secret to launching and building a clothing business, and he'll say it's all about embracing the life-affirming philosophy of carpe diem, or "seize the day." Lerner, 44, owns Just Live, a Hallandale Beach-based company that sells T-shirts, hats, hooded sweat shirts and accessories.

› Silver Springs was ‘one big family'
From her teenage years until she retired in 1988, Peggy Ann (Mixon) Collins worked at Silver Springs park on three separate occasions and in a variety of departments, including Paradise Park and Ross Allen's reptile institute. Though Collins left the area a couple of times to pursue a career on the stage, she kept coming back to Silver Springs, a place she had begun to call home.

› Former Florida Supreme Court Justice dies
Former Florida Supreme Court Justice Arthur Jay England died Thursday in Miami, Florida. He was 80. England had been a long-time attorney with Greenberg Traurig also, working especially in on tax matters.

› Duke Energy customers will pay $108 million a year for canceled nuclear plants
Duke Energy Florida customers will pay about $108 million a year from 2014 through 2017 for the broken and shuttered Crystal River reactor and the now canceled Levy County nuclear project. Part of that total resulted from a decision Monday by the state Public Service Commission to add 89 cents a month to the average customer's bill for costs related to the Crystal River plant as requested by the utility.