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Monday's Afternoon Update

Lawmakers hope sales tax cut brings manufacturing boom

Starting next spring, manufacturing companies will be able to buy equipment in Florida without paying sales tax on it. That means less revenue initially for the state, but supporters say the move will help boost the industry and create jobs in Florida. More at WLRN.

Social media marketing tips for effective lead generation

Like any tool, social media is only effective when it’s used correctly, but it’s a new enough tool that the ink isn’t dry on the instruction manual. Hinge conducted a study of 500 professional services firms in the U.S., taking a close look at the social media techniques of high growth and average growth companies. Again and again, five social media marketing tips proved pivotal. More at the Realtime Report.

» Note: Ron Stein's column will return next week. In the meantime, you can browse Stein's archive for advice on sales and marketing.

Making a pitch? Avoid these potential pitfalls

Florida's Best Companies To Work For 2013

What do you like best about your company?

infinite energy
Hillary Stormant, Marketing and event coordinator at Infinite Energy tells us:

"We have a gym, and we are really into wellness and health. At 11:30 a.m. on the dot at least 15 of us go down to the work gym and have a group workout session."

» Infinite Energy: Best Large Company - No. 23

A great pitch can secure an investment for your business. A bad pitch has the potential to derail your goals. What's one dumb mistake entrepreneurs should avoid, at all costs, during their first couple of pitches to investors? Read more from the South Florida Business Journal and Upstart Business Journal.

Make business meetings a productive use of attendees' time

Ask any executive and nearly every one will say meetings are their biggest time wasters. Meetings do not have to be time wasters, however, if you take the right approach. Read Dr. Jerry Osteryoung's advice on making the most of meetings here.

Companies ponder splitting CEO, chairman jobs

For years, it's been common for a chief executive officer to also chair the company's board of directors. Now, shareholders are increasingly questioning that arrangement, saying it gives one person too much power. More at the Orlando Sentinel.

Entrepreneurial Resource

condoInterested in working for a start-up? In just a few clicks, you can get a snapshot of the entrepreneurial activity occurring in your community: from how many startups exist, to how many companies are looking to hire, to what investors are in your backyard, and what events are occurring. Read more from the South Florida Sun-Sentinel and visit MapYourStartup.