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Tuesday's Afternoon Update

Florida’s education budget by the numbers

After massive education cuts two years ago, Gov. Scott was able to get close to a billion dollars put back into education last year and a little more than a billion was added to the budget he signed yesterday. See a breakdown of Florida's education budget at StateImpact Florida.

Florida Horse Park gets $2 million in state budget

The Florida Horse Park cleared a major obstacle this week on its way to becoming a player in the world of equine sporting events when Governor Rick Scott approved a state budget that includes $2 million to help the facility grow. More at the Ocala Star-Banner.

Diverse retailers compete for food dollars


Jensen Beach Inn

jensen beach inn
After a fire devastated Jensen Beach in 1908, commercial fishing fleet owner R.R. Ricou told his buddy Henry Flagler that if Flagler would build a railroad station to help a revival, Ricou would construct a building to anchor the fresh start. The historic Ricou building now gets its own fresh start under new owners and longtime Jensen Beach residents Elizabeth and Scott Nugent.

» Jensen Beach Inn

As millennials come of age and baby boomers ease into retirement, there's a shift in how America shops for food. The results are helping shoppers save money on their groceries and changing the retail-food landscape. More at the Orlando Sentinel.

Column: What's on your mind, small-biz leaders?

In my work with small-business owners, certain issues consistently come up. Small-business owners predominantly are occupied with: making enough money; keeping costs down; and being profitable. But the smartest entrepreneurs also know they have to pay attention to new technology and services. A few key issues are emerging. Read the full column at Florida Today.

Super Bowl saga comes down to a vote

A Super Bowl bid that helped roil politics from Miami to Tallahassee comes to an end Tuesday. As they pick a location for the 50th Super Bowl, NFL owners will chose between a $1.2 billion stadium under construction near San Francisco and the 26-year-old home of the Miami Dolphins. More at the Miami Herald and NBC Sports.

Out of the Box
Rent a Ferrari or Lamborghini

ferrariSuppose you arrived in Southwest Florida in a private charter jet, and were whisked by chauffeured limousine to a multimillion-dollar mansion on the bay. Once there, you might ogle the yacht you rented and docked outside, but what about wheels? Not to worry. Entrepreneur Larry Starr has that covered.

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