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Philanthropy: A deluge of wealth

Non-profits across Florida are looking for big things in the coming years. The philanthropic network, whose 95 members include corporate giving programs, family foundations, independent foundations and nearly all of the state’s community foundations, later this year will release its first analysis of the intergenerational transfer of wealth coming in the next 10 to 50 years. Full story...

Fisher Island
Fisher Island, zip code 33109, is the #1 richest zip code in the state.

Florida Trend Exclusive
Where the rich reside

We profile some of the state's wealthiest zip codes, who lives there and what makes them stand out. Fisher Island has been judged the richest ZIP code in the nation by a Forbes analysis of IRS and Census data. The island, just across Government Cut from South Beach, has the Miami port and Biscayne Bay to the west and the Atlantic to the east. Accessible only by helicopter, boat or a ferry that’s available 24/7, the island has its own beach, marinas, nine-hole golf course, tennis courts, club and spa. Full story...

Florida bill would change overtime rules for military spouses

Military spouses won’t have to work overtime during their husband or wife’s deployment unless they feel like it — if a bill in the Florida Legislature becomes law. The bill also would give military spouses four days of unpaid leave if their husband or wife is deployed so they could attend to matters relating to the deployment. More from the News Herald and see our Legislative Roundup below:

» Struggling homeowners stiffed by Florida Legislature
» Lawmakers seek exceptions to free food and drink ban
» Senate criticizes then casts support for Citizens Insurance chief
» Wage theft bill clears Senate panel
» Florida Senate panel advances measure to bar mentally ill from buying guns
» Bill would allow universities to seek presidents outside the Sunshine Law

Be cautious when investing, especially on advice of friends, co-workers

Day after day, week after week, month after month, the headlines keep screaming the same sad tales across South Florida. Identity theft, fraud, investor scams. It all happens far too often. The first line of defense when you're investing money? It starts with the person in the mirror. [Source: South Florida Sun-Sentinel]

Teenagers gearing up for summer job searches

Florida retailers – a popular sector for entry level and seasonal employment – say they’re seeing a mix of eager applicants, from students off from school to older adults in need of additional household income. All making the playing field more competitive. [Source: South Florida Sun-Sentinel]


› UF researchers give thumbs-up to online accounting tool for research
Biologists, historians, geneticists and philosophers are not accountants, and now that the University of Florida has launched a new online tool to track its nearly $700 million in annual research funding, they don’t need to be.

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› Nursing opportunities attract male stockbroker
As a stockbroker, Jason Perlman was part of a throng of hopefuls eager to make the big bucks Now as an oncology nurse, ex-Navy man and Harley rider, he is in a more unique category: a nurse in high demand as South Florida hospitals cope with shortages in critical nursing care areas.

› Palm Beach County reigns as king of winter vegetables
While much of the nation is just waking up to spring, Palm Beach County’s vegetable farming industry is in high gear, supplying millions of pounds of fresh produce by the truckload throughout the country.

› Will new stadium help Rays attendance?
Ever since the Tampa Bay Rays made it to the World Series in 2008, they have been admired as one of professional baseball's best teams — quite an achievement for a low-salary club that for years occupied the basement of their division. But no matter how many games the Rays win, they just cannot seem to translate their on-field prowess into love at the turnstiles.

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› Super Bowl tab estimated at $21 million
South Florida must raise about $21 million to put on the 50th Super Bowl in 2016, an organizer said Monday, meaning the cost of hosting the milestone game could be twice as much as it did the last time the NFL championship came to Miami Gardens.

› AAA: Expect gasoline prices to increase in April
The price of gasoline declined in March but is expected to increase in April, according to an analysis by AAA. In March, the national monthly average was $3.70 for a gallon of regular gasoline, compared to $3.83 in March 2012. Last April, the average price peaked at $3.93.

› Orange gives another $25M to arts center
Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs announced Monday the county will steer another $25 million to the Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts with the hope the funding will allow construction to begin on its final performance hall.

› Investor joins Southwest Florida home buying spree
Another real estate investment group has joined in the Southwest Florida buying spree, grabbing properties in Sarasota and Manatee for use as rentals. A Tampa subsidiary of Santa Monica-based CSFR ColFin American Investors LLC has bought 16 properties in Sarasota and Manatee counties since early March.