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Monday's Afternoon Update

Rising home values help Floridians with retirement

Baby-boomer homeowners are getting help in saving for their retirement thanks to rising home prices in Florida. The rebound from the housing bust's plunge in home values is adding to many Floridians' net worth as they save for retirement — or start to enjoy the first years of not working. More at the South Florida Sun-Sentinel.

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Sales and Marketing Advice for Florida business
Help customers "get it" with new ways to communicate value

There’s a reason that the person on the other side of the table is missing the point. More than likely your prospect is a reasonably intelligent person. There’s a disconnect somewhere and the burden is on you to figure it out -- instead of getting frustrated. Read Ron Stein's full column.

Brevard makers of strategy game app to donate to Sandy Hook fund

Business Profile


Ted Gee, 49, is co-founder of LiveMusicTutor.com, a Winter Springs based online company. The site, which launched on New Year's Eve, connects music instructors to students eager to learn how to play an instrument through real-time video sessions. Gee and other LiveMusicTutor officials also want to market the platform as a model for other businesses.

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LiveMusicTutor official site

The Florida makers of a game app called “Relapse” – designed for iPads and iPhones – are donating 26 percent of the revenues from the paid download of the app to the Sandy Hook School Fund. More at Florida Today.

Three-generation family businesses share their secrets of success

Family businesses are everywhere in South Florida. But the ones that make it to the third generation have commonalities: the ability to stay relevant, think bigger and take a long-term view. Here is a look at some of those businesses from the Miami Herald.

Small Business Advice
How to enhance customer loyalty

Accenture surveyed 20 industries in 20 different countries and the results showed that businesses just are not spending enough time, focus or money on customer service. The study showed that 66 percent of customers switched companies in 2011 because of poor service. Also, only 23 percent of customers feel loyal to a company. More from Dr. Jerry Osteryoung.

Business Regulation
Food sales taxes a dizzying maze

food taxesFlorida’s sales tax law establishes a dizzying number of exemptions on food, yet maintains sales tax on many items still considered to be food based on what it is, where it’s prepared and where it’s eaten. For instance, popcorn is exempt from sales tax, but caramelized popcorn is not. Frozen dinners are exempt but hot, prepared meals from the grocer’s deli must be taxed. Orange juice is exempt, but not soda.

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