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Floridians join big push for immigration overhaul

From the White House to the vegetable fields of South Florida, advocates for immigration reform are about to launch a public-pressure campaign to prod Congress to enact sweeping legislation that provides a path to citizenship for millions of illegal residents. Florida is among the large "destination" states at the forefront of a concerted push over the next two months for long-awaited reform. [Source: Orlando Sentinel]

» Rubio lays out proposal to 'modernize' immigration
» Legislature to confront immigration issues

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Florida's top docs talk basics

Medical directors of executive health programs in Florida identify the essential health factors every executive shouldn't ignore. Full story.

Pampering furry friends remains growing, big biz

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Florida Lottery Celebrates
25th Anniversary With
Updated Logo
Florida Lottery logo
The Florida Lottery, one of Florida's most recognizable brands, unveiled a new logo and brand identity last week, marking the agency's 25 years of achievements, innovation, stewardship and winning. "While products and services abound, it is time to focus on the innovative and fresh spirit of today's Lottery," said Florida Lottery Secretary Cynthia O'Connell.
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Last October, Heather Carelli, owner of Woof! Playcare in Melbourne, bought the 12-acre Paradise Luxury Pet Resort in Palm Bay. Despite the economy, business has been good for Carelli, who owned Woof! for more than five years, becoming a multiple pet resort owner. “This is one of the few industries that wasn’t affected much by the recession,” Carelli said. [Source: Florida Today]

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Charter schools: Live web chat with Jonathan Hage

Join us on this page today to learn more about Florida's fast-growing charter schools industry. Answering questions will be guest Jonathan Hage, CEO of Charter Schools USA, one of the biggest charter school companies in the nation. Hage was recently selected as Florida Trend's Floridian of the Year. Along with Hage will be Florida Trend writer Lilly Rockwell. You can submit your questions now here.

Employment outlook improves for some Florida college graduates

Graduates are still faring much better finding a job than their less-educated counterparts. And those employers who are recruiting aren't just honing in on STEM (science/technology/engineering/math) graduates; hiring is up across the board, with those majoring in marketing, computer science, advertising, communications and financial services all toward the top of the recruitment charts. [Source: Tampa Bay Times]


› Parking spaces morph into park, office, library
For five hours on Friday, asphalt was transformed into whimsy. Eight parking spaces on a busy downtown Orlando street were blocked off and became, well, something else.

› 25 things you didn't know about the lottery
As the Florida lottery celebrates 25 years, some highs and lows of this millionaire-making machine.
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› After rough year, Carnival hopes for calmer waters
The world’s largest cruise ship company has grown its business and generated profits over five years of ups and downs; executives are hoping for fewer downs in the future.

› Florida company working to refloat Costa Concordia
A Pompano Beach company founded more than 30 years ago is facing its biggest and most challenging job yet – the refloating of the Costa Concordia shipwreck. At twice the size of the Titanic, the 114,500-ton Concordia is reportedly the biggest passenger vessel ever to wreck.
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› Gainesville therapy horses bring dose of cheer to Newtown community
A team of miniature therapy horses from Gainesville provided such comfort and cheer to residents of Newtown, Conn., in the aftermath of the school shooting that they got an extended stay.

› Fort Lauderdale businesses had a better 2012 than expected
Fort Lauderdale-area employers had a better year in 2012 than they expected, according to the latest survey of members of the Greater Fort Lauderdale Council of Economic Advisors, a group of CEOs and top executives who meet quarterly to give the Federal Reserve their input.

› More turn to what was once unthinkable: public assistance
If the Great Recession is over, the news has yet to break for Hough or most of the other 10,000-plus clients who visit the Glasser-Schoenbaum Human Services Center in Sarasota each month.

› Tampa looks to expand downtown WiFi access
Mayor Bob Buckhorn places a high priority on attracting young families and creative professionals to Tampa. So now the city is launching a two-part project to expand downtown WiFi coverage in a handful of key spots.