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Florida trade mission to Colombia

Florida trade mission to Colombia (Maggie Caruso)

Maggie Caruso, Senior Market Director for Florida Trend, traveled with Gov. Rick Scott and the Enterprise Florida delegation on their trade mission to Colombia this week.  The mission included more than 190 participants representing 116 Florida companies, statewide organizations and higher educational institutions.

Colombia is the fifth-largest economy in Latin America and is Florida’s second largest trading partner with over $9 billion in two-way trade in 2011. Colombia is among the top five destinations for Florida-origin products, amounting to nearly $3 billion in trade.

The growth of the Colombian economy is expected to generate new export opportunities for Florida firms wanting to benefit from a strong open business climate and Florida’s traditionally close cultural and economic ties with Latin America.

For more about business between Florida and Colombia, see Florida Trend's article "The Florida-Colombia Connection," part of a package on International Trade.


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