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An Education Dream Comes True

When Eba was a young girl in Texas, her father ended her schooling, believing an education was not necessary for girls. Eba married at 19 and moved to Florida. Her husband was supportive of her pursuing an education, but Eba was also busy working as a housekeeper.

One of her clients encouraged Eba to take an English class at the Collier County Public Schools Adult and Community Education Center. Waiting to register, she overheard people in the classroom next door preparing for the GED exam. She was inspired. After she completed an ESOL class (English for Speakers of Other Languages), Eba signed up for GED prep classes.

 “Everyone gave me so much support and encouraged me to make it,” says Eba.

She was such a star in the program she was offered a full-time position as a data entry clerk for the school system. “I was so happy when I got the diploma. And I don’t want to stop,” Eba says.

Eba is pursing her next step toward an Associate degree. She eventually wants to work as a counselor to help encourage young children to fight for their education.

“I want to inspire them to want to succeed. An education can take you far, and no one can ever take it away,” Eba says. “It is the way to a better life!”

I dreamed of getting an education and doing more with my life. Now I know it’s not just a dream — it is happening.

-- Eba Loyola, Data Entry Clerk 
Adult and Community Education Center, Naples