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Dressing for Success

What you wear to an interview will spark a strong first impression. And you want that impression to be a good one.

Choosing the proper attire doesn’t necessarily mean “dressing up” as if you are going to a night club or formal event. Professional clothes means dress slacks (with a belt and tucked shirt) for men, and a knee-length (or just above the knee) skirt and blouse, dress or pant suit for women. Even if you are applying for a job as a construction worker or childcare worker, you need to dress professionally for your interview. It shows you respect the company, and your look will command a certain respect for you.

Start with clean hair and nails. Hair should be out of your face. Women should avoid low-cut blouses and short skirts. Tattoos should be covered with clothing. A tie is a nice touch even if you are applying to a workplace with a business casual dress code.

It should be obvious, but just in case, it is never appropriate to wear flip-flops, shorts, graphic T-shirts, halter-tops and tank tops to any interview.

Moving Up The Ladder
If your budget is tight for professional clothes, visit consignment shops and thrift stores. Often, professional clothing is donated or up for resale by individuals who do have the budget to refresh their wardrobes often. There could be a gem interview outfit waiting for you that fits your pre-job budget.

TIP: Plan ahead and watch for good deals. If you are in a panic about what to wear the evening before an interview, you will probably have to pay top dollar.