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Job Search: Finding career opportunities online

We’ve pulled together some tips to help you manage and leverage social media tools to your advantage.  

Google your name.
It pays to know if there is any potentially unflattering, negative or conflicting information floating around about you in cyberspace. There may not be any easy way to correct, change or delete what’s there, but knowing will allow you time to formulate an answer if you are questioned.

Manage your digital footprint.
Go through your personal social media and photo sharing sites. Be sure to make private any photos or comments you would not be comfortable sharing in your interview. Rethink all the swimsuit, partying and beverage-holding photos you share and where you have allowed yourself to be tagged. They may be innocent, but when you’re being evaluated for a job you’re being judged. And the measurement they may be using is unknown.

Enhance your digital footprint.
LinkedIn is often referred to as “Facebook with a tie.” Just as friends like to go to your Facebook page to learn more about you, potential employers like to visit your LinkedIn site. Keep it current and interesting. Join groups and contribute to the discussions.

Build your network.
Be sure to connect with your most connected professional colleagues. Ask for recommendations from highly visible people and offer to write recommendations for them. When asking for a recommendation, be very specific with the person about your desired goal of employment. You may want to remind them of specific work you have done with them or for them that you would like for them to mention. A job search is not the time to be shy.

Follow desired companies and their employees on Twitter.
New projects and growth opportunities are often released in a Twitter feed before a news release goes public. Be the first to extend congratulations. Research more about the growth or potential project to determine how you can bring value to the company. Follow up with a hard copy resume and cover letter expressing congratulations and closing with the offer to discuss how your skills can help in the new venture.

Create digital profiles on job posting sites like ...
and other industry-specific job boards.

Sign up for email alerts.
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