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Rick Scott, midterm

Between his first and second budgets, Scott’s priorities, core convictions and management style changed little if at all. He had clearly gained, however, an appreciation for the need to cater to appearances as he governed. Full story...

Florida has STEM jobs, but not grads to fill them

Gov. Rick Scott never shies away from an opportunity to tell the state that the unemployment rate is down or that a new company -- no matter how big or small -- is opening a Florida location or that job openings are growing. Last week, he announced the number of open high-tech jobs is up 9 percent from a year ago, with 64,000 jobs available in science, technology, engineering and math fields. There is only one problem. [Source: Orlando Sentinel]

Florida second in nation for workplace deaths

A U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics report shows 4,609 workplace deaths nationwide last year, 227 of which were in Florida. Of the Florida deaths last year, the report shows 90 involved transportation; 44 were due to violence, including murders and suicides; 41 were construction-related, and 36 involved falling, slipping or tripping. [Source: Naples News]

Business cards adapt, survive digital blitz

Business cards are like a first impression. The paper quality, readability and organization can factor into how the card is received and the information absorbed. And if done correctly, a business card may leave a lasting impression while the card owner is away. [Source: Fort Myers News-Press]

Retailers get jump on season

Don't get spooked, but Christmas trees, holiday music and popular toys are already starting to creep into Florida stores -- before Halloween is even a memory. Despite, or perhaps because of, strong holiday sales in 2011 -- consumers spent $563 billion, the most since 1999 -- retailers are prepping for holiday sales earlier than ever to get a jump on competition and entice customers to shop longer. [Source: Sarasota Herald-Tribune]


› Despite uncertain military budget, Harris' radio sales thrive
At a huge military communications trade show in Orlando this week, Harris Corp., acting as the host of MILCOM, will celebrate a nearly $400 million contract for tactical radios, the company’s most lucrative product in recent years.

› Submersible on display at Lauderdale boat show
Vero Beach-based Triton Submarines is starting to send submersibles around the world for well-heeled travelers to enjoy undersea excursions while on yacht expeditions or charters. "It's a game-changer for charters," said Marc Deppe, Triton's vice president of sales and marketing. Affluent travelers not only want luxury, they're also seeking unforgettable "bucket list" experiences, Deppe said.

› Clearwater's Avantair voluntarily grounds its fleet of planes
Avantair, a company that offers customers the chance to own shares of private planes at a fraction of the cost of buying their own jet, grounded its entire fleet after one of its aircraft lost its left tail elevator flying on the other side of the country in July.

› PC heyday’s a memory, but IBM looks ahead in Boca
From the PC to the technology behind Jeopardy champ Watson, IBM has had to reinvent itself many times since it sold tabulators, punch cards and meat and cheese slicers a century ago.

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› In Tampa, two chamber leaders embrace collaboration, grapple with a regional business brand
You could say Chuck Black is today and Greg Celestan is tomorrow. Black, 61 and former president of the Tampa Electric utility, now consults on energy issues. He is approaching the ninth inning of his year as chairman of the Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce. Celestan, 50, a West Point graduate, started his own defense industry business after a military career. He will take on the Tampa chamber chairman's duties for 2013.

› Psychic fair offer alternative approach to healing mind, body
Susanne Martin begins by calming her mind through meditation while her client lays down. The client, too, is told to clear the mind by taking deep breaths and relaxing. Martin was just one of 19 healers, psychic readers and vendors at the Sacred Earth Center's Psychic Fair on Saturday.

› MIA finances get an upgrade by rating agencies
With a smaller staff, more flights and added concession dollars, MIA sees its debt rating go from A- to A — better than other American hubs.

› Specialty grocers expand in Central Florida
After years with a limited presence in Central Florida, specialty grocers are beginning to grow again. Craving more-healthful, gourmet foods, Americans have begun doing more shopping away from conventional supermarkets, said Eli Portnoy, a Miami-based brand consultant.