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Tuesday's Daily Pulse

Flipping houses is booming business again

During the housing boom, the practice of “house flipping’’ earned a bad reputation, thanks to speculators who bought and sold millions of homes in search of easy profits. But the practice is gaining popularity again as the nation’s real estate market shows signs of life, with Miami coming in as the 4th most popular city for flipping. Read more from the Miami Herald and the Washington Post and RealtyTrac.

Gov. Scott: Cut taxes to boost economy

Florida and Texas are two of the fastest growing states in the country when it comes to job creation and Scott says the states have lessons the federal government should follow. Scott pointed to efforts to lower taxes, reduce regulation and streamline permit approvals, which he said were key factors in helping revive Florida's business environment. [Source: CNBC]

» Florida pays more in federal taxes than it gets back in grants

Thousands of South Floridians to get about $2K after losing homes to foreclosure

Some 167,398 Floridians who lost homes to foreclosure may each get about $2,000 as part of the nation's largest consumer financial protection settlement. The checks will be sent out in early 2013, with more than a third going to people who lost homes in Broward, Palm Beach and Miami-Dade counties, estimated Jack McCabe, a housing analyst based in Deerfield Beach. People need to send in forms to receive the money by Jan. 18. How much people will receive depends on how many borrowers participate. [Source: South Florida Sun-Sentinel]

Non-profits are an economic force

Armed with statistics to back up their points, the Nonprofit Center of North Central Florida portrayed Alachua County's nonprofit sector as an economic force that provides social services that make the area more attractive to new and expanding businesses. The center released the results of its “State of the Sector: Nonprofit Organizations in Alachua County." [Source: Gainesville Sun]

Social media for those with no time, no team, no budget

Trying to conquer social media in many workplaces is akin to stacking a few bowls, saucers and plates on a tray that's already tipping to the floor. However, social media consultant Jay Berkowitz gave some tips at the South Florida Business Journal's Crash Course in Social Media on how time-crunched, staff-strapped firms can still successfully navigate social media.


› Lynn spends millions preparing campus for debate’s big night
In the months since this little college learned it will host what might well be the most important single event in the selection of the next president of the United States, it’s done more than just spruce up the place and put up a couple of decorations.

› Internship fair marks good start to build tech talent pool
Two dozen Tampa Bay Area companies will gather today to offer some of the most coveted opportunities for young people (or retrained older adults) trying to break into the technology job market: internships. And most of them pay.

› WWE says Wrestlemania brought $103 million to South Florida
When Wrestlemania came to South Florida last spring, the staged smackdown generated more than $100 million for the local economy, organizers said Monday.

› In Delray, this is the question: To valet or not to valet
To valet or not to valet — that will be the question drivers looking for parking could ask themselves as they circle around the hectic Atlantic Avenue on a weekend night. If City Commissioners approve a valet validation proposal at its meeting Tuesday, using valet services won't be that much more expensive than parking at any of the city garages, private lots or metered spaces.

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› Historic neighborhoods could be secret weapon as Jacksonville looks to revitalize its downtown
Talk to any downtown revitalizer long enough and the issue of residents will come up, part of the chicken-and-egg problem of getting a moribund downtown back on its feet. Without residents, there’s no business … and without businesses, residents aren’t interested in moving to the area.

› Naples CEO's email urges workers to elect new president
A Southwest Florida executive is the second high-profile Florida entrepreneur in recent weeks to send an email to employees suggesting his company will fall on hard times if President Barack Obama is re-elected in November.

› Florida pushing for new license plates to help catch toll violators
In its proposed budget for the coming year, released Monday and set for approval by Gov. Rick Scott and the Cabinet later this month, the agency says it wants lawmakers to approve the use of more than $23 million in various existing fees to buy new plates with a goal of replacing all plates within two years.

› Orlando home prices rise even as sales slacken
Orlando's existing-home sales fell from August to September, but prices rose, continuing a bouncy, years-long climb that still hasn't hit the halfway point to a market peak reached more than a half-decade ago.