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NASA taps into small businesses

Bigger isn’t always better in the space industry these days. Since the massive shuttle program ended, small businesses are being sought out by the federal government. NASA acknowledges that small businesses are innovation hubs and can complete space industry jobs more quickly for less. [Source: Florida Today]

Medical device companies aim to solve problems

One company in Davie is betting on engineering and robotics "to transform health care." Another in Palm Beach thinks its medical device will lead to "better medicine." A third says the instruments it is developing will get the patient "up and running a lot faster" after surgery. [Source: South Florida Sun-Sentinel]

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More adults getting flu shots at their local pharmacy or retail outlet

A growing number of adults are getting their flu shot at drugstores and other retail outlets. While the majority still get vaccinated at their doctor's office, about 20 percent of adults received shots at a retail pharmacy last year, up from 12 percent the previous year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. That's more than workplaces or health clinics. [Source: Tampa Bay Times]

Florida’s hiring comeback will wait until 2019

Florida’s job market won’t erase losses from the recession until 2019, when payrolls are expected to cross the 8 million threshold again, according to a forecast by Jones Lang LaSalle. The Sunshine State currently has about 7.3 million people working, according to the latest federal labor report. That’s down 9 percent from the peak of just over 8 million workers hit at the end of 2006 and the start of 2007. [Source: Miami Herald]

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› Tampa Bay home builders are cautiously optimistic
Silent here for half a decade, the symphony sounded anew: blasting nail guns, beeping backhoes, the din of crews at work.

› Legoland's first year's success exceeds expectations
Birthdays are a big deal to the Legoland Florida demographic. When you've only had 2 or 8 or 12 of them, they still rate as special. Legoland Florida has a birthday of its own to celebrate. Monday marks one year since the theme park opened at the former Cypress Gardens property in Winter Haven.

› Are you dead? Crackdown on insurers that use policyholder demise for their own benefit
It's a practice that's greedy, cold and should be illegal. When policyholders pass away, some big insurers ignore their deaths and hang on to what would be substantial life insurance payouts. Yet the same companies respond at once when a customer's death lets them stop payouts on income-producing investments.

› Tiny cars generate big interest
Dealers in Central Florida, where the average gas price hit $3.65 last week, say business has been booming for minicars and subcompacts. Across the U.S., sales of small cars are expected to reach 3.1 million in 2012, compared with 2.5 million last year.

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› Florida TB surge: CDC asked state to tell public
Florida’s TB outbreak, dubbed the worst in the nation in 20 years, flourished as state and federal health officials placed political concerns and protocols ahead of informing the general public, documents and interviews show.

› Column: Darden doesn't help image by cutting hours
Darden Restaurants just became the poster child for the next worker-rights campaign in Orange County. With an experiment designed to test whether it can still serve up Olive Garden breadsticks hot and fast enough with an even larger number of part-time vs. full-time workers, Darden also is dishing up a hearty helping of corporate distrust.

› Marketing medical insurance to individuals
As healthcare reform unfolds and the need for individual coverage increases, medical insurance companies are taking a more retail approach to reaching potential clients.

› Compounding pharmacies under fresh scrutiny amid meningitis outbreak
Revelations that the national meningitis scare was caused by a Massachusetts drug compounder who shipped tainted steroids to doctors across the U.S. has a familiar ring to Ocala residents who watched a local compounding pharmacy dissolve under the weight of its costly and deadly mistakes in recent years.