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Since taking office this year, I have been focused on one thing: jobs. While my goal is to make Florida the world's No. 1 vacation spot, it's also to ensure that this state has the best business climate in the U.S. Right now, unemployment is at an all-time high nationwide, and many families and businesses are struggling.

Gov. Rick Scott
[Photo: Jon M. Fletcher]

So, convincing a company to pick up stakes in one state and move to another — or even to merely expand within the same state — is a tough sell these days. But as governor of the nation's 4th most populous state and one of the world's top travel destinations, I can assure you that Florida is up to the task.

Quite simply, Florida wants your business, and we're pulling out all the stops to land it.

Together, Florida Secretary of Commerce Gray Swoope and I have made attracting new businesses and the jobs that come along with them our No. 1 priority. To that end, we've streamlined Florida's economic development efforts to make the right people and the right programs more readily accessible to you.

Multiple agencies are now consolidated under one umbrella with one purpose: to help you relocate, expand or start your business in Florida and succeed here long term. Leaders at all levels of the public and private sectors are committed to maintaining the pro-business climate for which Florida has long been known. We're revising our regulatory structure to ease the burdens placed on businesses, and we're reacting more quickly to requests for state incentive funds.

In short, Florida is open for business — your business — and any one of the opportunity partners on these pages, Gray and myself included, would be happy to talk to you.

Won't you give us a call?

Rick Scott, Governor
Chairman, Enterprise Florida Inc.

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Enterprise Florida

Gray Swoope
Gray Swoope
Secretary of Commerce
President & CEO
Enterprise Florida Inc.
[Photo: Colin Hackley]

As Florida's primary economic development organization, Enterprise Florida Inc. is committed to working with companies that want to share in the state's vision for an innovation economy, one that offers first-rate talent, global connections and research strength.

In partnership with our network of regional and local economic development organizations, Enterprise Florida can provide your company with a wealth of information about achieving business success in our state. This data can run the gamut, with business incubators, demographics, exporting, incentives, site selection and university technology being among the topics. Our team can address general inquiries about Florida, but, even more, we can connect you to our economic development partners statewide to answer specific questions about locating or expanding in a particular region, county or municipality.

With Governor Rick Scott, who serves as chairman of the Enterprise Florida Board of Directors, we are making bold efforts to improve what is recognized as one of the country's best business climates. It positions Florida well to create a more promising future for its workforce and citizens.

We invite you to join us in this endeavor.

Florida Economic Development Council

Amy Evancho
Amy Evancho
President & CEO,
Florida Economic Development Council
[Photo: Mark Wemple]

The profound impact that economic development has on local communities is far-reaching and felt on a daily basis by every Florida resident.

As the "voice" of economic development for our state, the Florida Economic Development Council (FEDC) encourages its members to not only educate their communities regarding the value of economic development, but to take an active role in setting statewide economic development policy for the benefit of all Floridians.

FEDC members who are made up of public and private partnerships and city- and county-based economic development and workforce agencies know their communities well. As you prepare to launch, expand or relocate your business, we stand ready to help you establish local connections, find the right site and settle in to your perfect home in Florida.

Workforce Florida

As a business leader, you know that people are your company's greatest asset. So when you start thinking about expanding or relocating your business, you want to know that you'll have access to a plentiful and highly qualified workforce.

Chris Hart IV
Chris Hart IV
President & CEO,

Workforce Florida

[Photo: Workforce Florida]

In that regard, you can't do better than Florida. And it's not just me making that claim. It's the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, which ranked Florida No. 1 for workforce and training in its 2011 Enterprising Statesreport.

This ranking was no accident. By offering programs that are industry-specific and training targeted to employers, Workforce Florida Inc. has worked diligently to solidify Florida's goal of growing a globally competitive talent base.

Bring your business to Florida. A willing and well-trained workforce is waiting for you.

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Florida's opportunity partners are allied and working toward the common goal of making your firm's transition to a permanent home in Florida as worry-free as possible. A call to any one of these partners sets the wheels in motion. eFlorida
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Florida Economic Development Council
Florida Economic Development Council
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Workforce Florida
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Visti Florida
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