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What Florida Buys — Jacksonville

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- The area's Southern heritage shows in high sales of loose tea, tea bags and frozen corn on the cob. Consumers here like to do their own baking -- and canning.- After Tampa-St. Pete residents, residents here are the heaviest smokers in Florida.- Ice cream is popular. So is expensive wine. Margarine sells better than butter.- Colds and allergies are a problem. So is sleeping.- Home permanents and hair relaxer kits sell big. Women here use a lot of pantyhose.- Animal lovers pamper their pets.

Cook's Nook
Egg substitutes: Sales are 133% above the national average. Says Paul McCormick, owner of a Jacksonville public relations agency who began buying egg substitutes after a heart attack: "It's really good only if you mix it with salsa. It looks just like scrambled eggs. It tastes ...," he pauses, "OK."
Cheese: 21% more than the national average, $30 million on natural cheese and $14.5 million on processed cheese. Jacksonville's Swiss purchases are 74% higher than the nation's, with purchases of American and Cheddar both 26% higher, says Mike Stammer of Dairy Management. Below-average sellers: Hispanic cheeses and Monterey Jack.
Frozen corn on the cob: $1.2 million, 105% above the national average. "It doesn't take as long to cook," explains Jacksonville resident Leslie Nadeau, a sales rep.Heavy Duty
Weight control tablets: $486,935, 76% above the nation
Weight control and nutritional liquids and powders: $5.2 million, 69%above
Ice cream and sherbet: $28 million, 27% above
Margarine, etc.: $6.6 million, 23% above
Butter: $5 million, 4% below average

Sweet Tooth
Sugar substitutes: $2 million, 79% above average
Sugar: $7.1 million, 41% above

Frozen meat: $9.4 million, 113% above average
Frozen poultry: $12.1 million, or 33% above average
Luncheon meat: $21.3 million, or 28% above average

From the Sea
Canned seafood: $8.8 million, or 24% above average
Refrigerated seafood: $1.9 million, 86% above average
Frozen seafood: $9.6 million, or 45% above average

Coffee: $14.4 million, 23% above the national average
Refrigerated teas and coffees: $754,816, 98% above
Tea bags and loose tea: $4.3 million, 85% above
Ready-to-drink coffee and tea: $3.2 million, 50% above

Fluffy, Rover
Cat litter: $4.3 million, 66% above the national average
Dog food: $19.7 million, 64% above
Cat food: $13.3 million, 58% above

Supermarket Shopping
Love ItPeople in Jacksonville buy more than the national average of:??1. Home permanent/relaxer kits??2. Refrigerated entrees??3. Refrigerated baked goods??4. Egg substitutes??5. Frozen meat??6. Pantyhose/nylons??7. Frozen corn on the cob??8. Wine??9. First aid treatment10. Isotonics (sports drinks)11. Suntan products12. Feminine needs 13. Refrigerated teas/coffees14. Fruit and vegetable preservative15. Gloves16. Bleach17. Refrigerated seafoodLeave ItPeople in Jacksonville purchase less of the following:
??1. Mexican foods??2. Juice/drink concentrate??3. Frozen juices??4. Pizza products??5. Facial tissue??6. Instant tea mixes??7. Frozen pasta??8. Frozen coffee creamer??9. Refrigerated dips 10. Pies and cakes 11. Hair growth products 10. Marshmallows

- Cigarette purchases: $39.5 million, 31% above the nation's
- Other tobacco products: $4.2 million, 70% above
- Anti-smoking products: $481,718, 38% above
- Beverages: Jacksonville is just average when it comes to buying liquor.
- Beer: $57.9 million, 58% above average
- Wine: $36 million, 103% above average; Jacksonville leads Florida in purchases of the most expensive wines($20 or more) with its wine buyers 22% more likely than the nation to spring for pricey grape. Even so, nearly half of all wine buyers in Jacksonville spent from $5 to $9 for a bottle.
- Champagne and sparkling wine: Jacksonville, among the state's major markets, had the largest block, in percentage terms, of champagne and sparkling wine drinkers.

In the Medicine Cabinet
- Sleeping remedies: $474,518, 74% above the national average
- Nasal products: $983,545, 60% above the national average; $1.9 million, 49% above average, on cold, allergy and sinus liquids; $3.9 million, 43% above average, on cold, allergy and sinus pills.

Heads Up ...
- Hair care: Of 289 supermarket product categories, the one in which Jacksonville is most overdeveloped is for home permanents and hair relaxer kits -- 213% above the national average.

... Heads Down
- upholstery cleaner: $2.1 million, 63% above

TOP SELLERSJACKSONVILLEPickups1 Ford F-1502 Ford Ranger3 Dodge RamSUVs1 Ford Explorer2 Ford Expedition3 Toyota 4RunnerLuxury1 Cadillac Deville
2 Lincoln Town Car
3 Lexus ES300Sedans1 Toyota Camry2 Honda Accord3 Nissan AltimaSmall Cars1 Toyota Corolla2 Honda Civic3 Chevy CavalierSports Cars/coupes1 Ford Mustang2 Pontiac Sunfire3 Acura RSXMinivans1 Dodge Caravan2 Ford Windstar3 Honda OdysseyIn and Out of Favor
- Holley, Bank of America market president for northeast Florida, recently got rid of his BMW 740 in favor of a Ford Expedition. Five of the top 10 sellers in Jacksonville last year were Fords.

- Like much of Florida, it's an above-average market for foreign vehicles: 20% above average for luxury, 5% for midsize and 80% for vans. Jacksonville shoppers plan to spend an average of $22,140 for a new vehicle in the next 12 months.

- Delaney, wife of Jacksonville Mayor John Delaney, drives a Ford Windstar, the 31st-most-popular model in Jacksonville. Delaney himself drives a Chevrolet Tahoe, 77th in Jacksonville sales last year. Delaney points out it's a city-owned car.

Top SellersJacksonville, 2002 (fiberglass)?1. Carolina Skiff?2. Marine Manufacturing?3. Key West?4. Bayliner?5. Sea Pro?6. Pro-Line?7. Godfrey?8. Griffis & Sons