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Our New Look

Lynda Keever

This month's issue, as you have already noticed, presents a new design and appearance for Florida Trend. It's a look built on success. Circulation is up. So is ad revenue. And the magazine continues to win more than its share of awards for our journalism and graphics. This year, in fact, was one of the most successful, both financially and journalistically, in Florida Trend's 47-year history. But like every smart business, we know that you can't carve today's success into stone. It's vital to keep evolving our magazine to keep it fresh, lively and to keep delivering the best possible service to our readers.

Among the changes you'll see are some new type fonts and headline styles. They're modern and inviting, and they're strong and consistent with Trend's history and its serious mission.

There are other changes as well. In recent years, we've broadened our coverage to include executive health and lifestyle topics that encompass more of our readers' interests. We've consolidated that coverage, including Robert Tolf's unique restaurant column, at the front of the magazine in an Executive Lifestyle section.

DESIGN TEAM: From left, graphic designer Simone Tieber (back), Associate Art Directors Amy Rideout and Jason Morton, and Art Director Gary Bernloehr.

Elsewhere, we've added space to provide more of the kind of in-depth information and coverage that Trend readers expect. One new feature is called Icon, portraits of Florida's most recognizable and important people in their own words. Our first Icon is Wayne Huizenga, one of the true legends in Florida business.

Everyone who knows Florida understands that it's a state of regions. Trend's popular Around the State regional news pages have reflected that fact for years. Now they have a new look that's meant to focus even more on the people and topics that are most important.

Unlike some publications, we haven't cut back on our in-depth, high-impact feature stories. Florida Trend will always maintain its commitment to first-rate reporting.

Our readers should understand that a good redesign isn't just a matter of tweaking the magazine's appearance. It reflects a great collaboration among the magazine's writers, editors and designers in producing a vision for how Trend should look and feel.

The people who've brought that vision to the page are our Art Director, Gary Bernloehr, and his team of graphic designers, including Associate Art Directors Jason Morton and Amy Rideout and a gifted freelancer, Simone Tieber. Gary is as talented and hardworking as anybody in the business. He's been at the magazine now for 24 years and has been one of the most important people in establishing Trend's standards at national levels and keeping them there.

Our editor, Mark Howard, says the thing that distinguishes Gary, aside from his enormous talent as a designer, is that he contributes insights and approaches that improve Trend's content along with its appearance.

We're proud to have him here and proud of the work he and his team did in creating Trend's new look. We think you'll like what you'll be seeing and reading.

You can reach Lynda Keever at LKeever@floridatrend.com