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June 27, 2017


Permits, Licenses

| 4/21/2017

Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Licensing
(800) 435-7352 (Florida only)
(850) 410-3800

Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation, Licensing

Florida Department of Environmental Regulation
(850) 245-2118

Florida Department of Health
(850) 245-2444

Florida New Hire Reporting Center
(888) 854-4791 or (850) 656-3343

Florida Department of Revenue
(800) 352-3671

Florida Office of Financial Regulation
(850) 487-9687

U.S. Department of the Treasury

U.S. Internal Revenue Service
(800) 829-4933

U.S. Small Business Administration
(800) 827-5722

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