October 31, 2014

Get a high school diplioma or Florida Ready to Work credential.

Stop the Job Rejection Cycle

Ginger Broslat | 11/8/2012

There are very few positions in today’s economy that do not require a basic high school diploma. If you were not able to earn your high school diploma the traditional way, don’t give up. The sooner you complete your General Education Development (GED), the sooner you will become more competitive in the job market. Taking the GED test is the place to start.

The test is designed to measure the skills and knowledge equivalent to a high school course of study. It has five parts that cover mathematics; language arts/reading; language arts/writing (including an essay); science; and social studies.

GED in 1-2-3
1. Find the closest testing center. Check the GED Testing Service website (www.gedtest.org) to find the center in your area. If you don’t have computer access, go to the public library or your local One-Stop Career Center to ask for assistance.

2. Find out if you’re ready. Sign up for an adult education class or take a GED preparation course.

3. Schedule your test. Test fees run about $70. If you prefer to take it online, the cost is $130.

Did You Know? More than 30,000 Floridians earned their high school equivalent diploma last year.

Employers need employees who can perform basic tasks like crunching sales figures, reading a technical product manual or locating the information needed to repair a high-tech piece of equipment. They need skilled workers who can be trained as their jobs change.Having a Ready to Work Credential shows prospective employers that you are trained and work-ready.

What is it? The Ready to Work program tests and scores job skills. To earn the credential, you must take three assessments: Applied Mathematics; Reading for Information; and Locating Information.

How do I get started? You first need to enroll at a Ready to Work program partner at a high school, state/community college, technical center, One-Stop Career Center or vocational rehabilitation center. Once you’re enrolled, you can access the online classes and assessment tests from any computer, anytime. Each test takes about 15 minutes. Plus, it’s all free!

What happens next? If you score at least a 3 on each of the three required assessments, you can download and print an official certificate signed by the governor. The credential is available in electronic format (PDF) for ease of printing and providing to employers via email or online job applications. The credential lists the level of certification you earned: gold, silver or bronze.

Ready to Work
Certification Level
Minimum Score
(all 3 assessments)
Skilled to Perform
% of All Jobs Today
Bronze 3 35%
Silver 4 65%
Gold 5 90%

To learn more about the Florida Ready to Work program, visit www.floridareadytowork.com

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