October 31, 2014
Does the Training Fit?

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Lucas Cobb, Welder, Specialty Concrete Services, Umatilla

Making a Plan

Does the Training Fit?

Ginger Broslat | 11/8/2012

Lucas Cobb is skilled with anything mechanical and hands-on. In high school, he loved working with his dad at the family’s tractor sales company in Lake County. As he neared graduation, Lucas’ friends were applying to colleges and taking entrance exams. But the idea of spending the next four years in a classroom wasn’t what Lucas had in mind. The problem was, he didn’t know for sure what he wanted to do.

Lucas did, however, have the inside track on the variety of programs available at a state technical center in Eustis.

“My dad used to teach at Lake Tech, so I knew it was a place where you can get hands-on training for jobs instead of just sitting in a classroom all day,” says Lucas. He pulled his father in to help him explore the options.

“We looked for programs I thought I would like, then looked some more to be sure there were jobs out there once I finished the program. Welding is something that is in demand. I found out that I can get more certifications for different types of welding down the road. After just 18 months of classes and training, I had a good job.”

Lucas has a jump-start on his career, is paid well for his skills, and most importantly loves what he does.

I always knew I wanted to do something where I could work with my hands, not just sit behind a desk.

-- Lucas Cobb, Welder, Specialty Concrete Services, Umatilla

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