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Who said that?

"Plants aren’t like a factory where you can just crank it up and make more."

-- Linda Adams, chief operating officer at Florida Nursery, Growers and Landscape Association

Ask Renata Glebocki, and she’ll admit she likely has enough peppers. ”Jalapenos, bell peppers, Trinidad Scorpion peppers, which are the second hottest in the world,” she said, rattling off some of the produce growing off her back doorstep.

Living in a downtown Orlando apartment, the 27-year-old market research professional grows everything in containers that she can bring inside. But she didn’t have a green thumb before the coronavirus outbreak.

“I guess it was out of panic,” she said. “Not that I thought I would have enough fruits and vegetables to sustain myself, but it made me feel better to garden and start the learning process.”

Home gardening has boomed during the coronavirus pandemic, a trend felt across all sectors of the plant and garden industry.

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