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Infotech: Family-Owned Company Values People Over Profit


#21 LARGE Company

Infotech was founded by two University of Florida professors working out of a garage in the late 1970s. Their initial consulting business quickly grew to add software development, and over the next four decades, the two sides of the company continued to evolve and support each other. Today, Infotech’s Systems and Consulting businesses may be distinct, but they’re united by the dual spirit of integrity and innovation present since its founding.

“Treat people right” has long been the motto of founders Dr. Jim McClave and Dr. Tom Rothrock and the foundational ethos upon which Infotech is built. Under this banner, Infotech thrives at the forefront of the market it created by prioritizing relationships both internally and externally. Infotech’s software development and expert consulting businesses have experienced consistent growth, thanks to the reputation the company has established and upheld in its respective industries.

For over 40 years, Infotech has embraced a commitment to connection. By putting aside short-term solutions in favor of a long-term vision and prioritizing people over profit, Infotech has created a formula for innovation that doesn’t sacrifice integrity. With over 300 employees and growing, the Infotech family will continue to focus on diversity and inclusion, ensuring new ideas and fresh perspectives are never in short supply.


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