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Wednesday's Afternoon Update

Neither hurricanes nor 9/11 caused as big a surge in gun sales as coronavirus

Gun shop owners have never seen such a surge in sales — not after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, not in reaction to mass shootings, not even when Category 5 hurricanes threatened to flatten Florida. In Florida, the number of background checks posted by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, which closely correlates with the number of gun sales statewide, has risen to unprecedented levels. More from the Miami Herald and the Tampa Bay Times.

Florida drought numbers creeping higher during dry spell

There are basically two seasons in South Florida: the hot, humid summers when rains drop almost daily and then, well, now, when the landscape is turning crispy. The current dry season started in October, when regular rainy patterns gave way to dry heat. And all but one of the past seven months (December) has been drier than average, according to South Florida Water Management District records. More from the Fort Myers News-Press

Miami commercial developers: video chats, planning and stress relief rule the day

In the face of coronavirus, many companies are seeing their first real test of working virtually. That includes South Florida commercial developers. Like much of their staffs, CEOs are often working remotely, relying on the conference calls and video chats that have largely replaced in-person meetings. More from the Miami Herald.

Collins Aerospace infuses $10.6 million into Florida facility

Aviation systems maker Collins Aerospace recently announced plans to establish another facility in North Florida that is expected to create more than 100 new jobs. The company, a subsidiary of aerospace and defense giant United Technologies Corp., expects to invest $10.6 million in a 140,000-square-foot complex on the north side of Jacksonville. The project would nearly double Collins’ workforce in the city. More from Thomas Insights.

Major roadwork on Palmetto Expressway drives ahead

Major roadwork on the Palmetto continues this week for the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) despite the global coronavirus pandemic bringing much of our daily lives to a screeching halt. With folks advised to stay home and practice social distancing, the roads are less traveled. In fact, FDOT reports the now sparse traffic on normally busy and crowded roadways is allowing a boost in roadwork. More from Miami Today

Transportation Trends
What’s it like for Florida truckers in this strange time?

 While blizzards, thunderstorms and clogged traffic don’t often deter millions of professional truckers from finding hot food, the coronavirus pandemic is different. It has drivers scrambling to find basic essentials at fuel stations and truck stops along U.S. interstates.

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Out of the Box
Orlandoans inspire foodies to #SupportLocal with Takeout Bingo

floridaOrlando artist Airam Dato-on designed a Takeout Bingo card to spark folks’ interest in grabbing takeout from their favorite local restaurants. The popularity of the first card has inspired Dato-on to make up multiple cards, each for different neighborhoods around town. Right now there are five cards in total.

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