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Who said that?

"I wouldn’t be surprised if one day, in the future, the entire city of Jacksonville is just surface parking and parks, and all that’s standing are the banks and the federal courthouse."

-- David Bulit

Much of Florida looks shiny and new and anonymous, but David Bulit is drawn to the places from its past, places that people have left behind, left to crumble and rot, covered with vines and graffiti.

He calls it Abandoned Florida, and he’s documented it in numerous photos of moody beauty on a website of the same name, as well as in three books.

His new book is “Abandoned Jacksonville: Ruins of the First Coast,” which explores a dozen old buildings in the area, including the old Claude Nolan Cadillac building, the Horace Drew mansion in Springfield, the Duval County Armory and a closed funeral home, complete with abandoned caskets and a Cadillac hearse.

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