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Friday's Afternoon Update

Strong job growth in Florida's cannabis industry

Job growth may be slowing this year but proponents of one industry are projecting strong growth in employment, particularly in Florida: the legal cannabis industry. Cannabis information company Leafly said the industry increased jobs by 44% last year and Florida created the most new jobs, 9,068. The legal cannabis industry employed a total of 1,290 people in Florida at the beginning of 2018, so that was a growth rate of 703%. More from the Jacksonville Daily Record.

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Column: Can work-life balance improve your bottom line?

We need to find a way to balance the benefits of modern technology with the simple need for rest, relaxation and time away from work. How can letting people work less and have more flexibility equate to being more profitable? The answer is in retention, commitment and loyalty, and flexibility in work styles, allowing each employee to work in the most efficient manner for them. More from the Miami Herald.

Florida Lawmakers received record contributions before session. See who gave the most.

In Florida, the days from November to March mean more than beautiful weather. They also provide perfect conditions to wield power through campaign cash. State lawmakers are prohibited from soliciting donations during session, the two-month period where they consider new laws, regulations, contracts and ways to spend the Florida budget that this year began March 5. More from the Tampa Bay Times.

Swim school searches for Florida franchisees as it plans growth across state, country

A business with an obvious lure for Florida — swim lessons — is about to make a push for growth in the Sunshine State. The company is Big Blue Swim School, which recently opened its fifth company-owned location and is transitioning from company-owned stores to franchising. More from the Business Observer.

How the ‘Airbnb of boats’ is trying to rule the waves with rentals

In an era of disruptive startups, it seems fitting that South Florida is home port for boat-sharing powerhouse Boatsetter. Last year, the six-year-old company moved out of its Aventura office and into downtown Fort Lauderdale. Today, it leases a sleek, high-ceiling space just east of the Broward Center for the Performing Arts overlooking a bend in the Tarpon River. More from the Miami Herald.

Florida Nature
Snake vs. snake: Pythons spread deadly parasite to Florida native snakes

 First, they slithered a deadly path through the Everglades, swallowing whole some of the most endangered wading birds and small mammals in Florida. Now, Burmese pythons are killing — although indirectly — one of their own ilk, the pygmy rattler. A new study, led by researchers at Stetson University, shows that parasitic worms spread by invasive Burmese pythons are killing native Florida pygmy snakes.

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Florida 500
David Blyer

floridaDavid Blyer found his entrepreneurial muse early. As a child, he says, he “ran a lemonade stand, sold tickets, waited and bussed tables, was a short-order cook, drove an ice-cream truck and worked at a creamery during the summers between college semesters to help pay for my education.”

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