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Thursday's Afternoon Update

Economy bounces back, but many Floridians still recovering from devastating downturn

Ten years after the start of the worst downturn since the Great Depression, many Floridians are still clawing their way back. Some people held on to homes that are still underwater. Many college graduates who tried to join the workforce during the downturn have had their earnings and career prospects stunted. And some older workers gave up and retired early. More from the Fort Myers News-Press.

Miami-Fort Lauderdale hiring 15 percent higher, LinkedIn report say

Beef up that resume, or in this case, your LinkedIn profile. Hiring was up 15.2 percent in Miami-Fort Lauderdale in January over a year ago, according to February’s workforce report by LinkedIn, the professional online network used by job seekers and recruiters. More from the South Florida Sun-Sentinel.

Sarasota OKs marijuana dispensaries within city limits

After a unanimous vote of support by the Sarasota City Commission, medical marijuana dispensaries will now be operational in the city and those with prescriptions will be able to utilize them immediately. More from the Sarasota Herald-Tribune.

JEA consultant: Could be time to sell Jacksonville utility

The fast-changing utility market could make it possible to sell JEA at a price that makes financial sense for the long-term finances of the city, but it would be an “enormously complex undertaking” that could take around two years from start to finish. More from the Florida Times-Union.

Florida lawmakers consider upgrading texting and driving to a primary offense

The Florida Legislature is considering a bill that would make it easier for law enforcement to ticket a motorist for texting and driving. Currently, texting-and-driving is a secondary offense; the Florida Legislature is reviewing a measure that, if passed, would upgrade the charge to a primary offense. More from the Dothan Eagle.

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World-Class Care, Close to Home

 An estimated one in four Americans will receive a cancer diagnosis in their lifetime. In Florida, new cancer cases are on the rise. For many, it may be the start of a frightening journey.

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Business Profile
G Five Feed & Outdoor

florida originalsAt first glance, the new 40,000 square foot building on looks like a displaced mini version of a popular big box outdoor store. But a closer look at G Five Feed & Outdoor tells a story of how the Glisson family has turned a wholesale hay business spanning three generations into a newly launched retail outlet for animal feed, outdoor needs and motor sport speed.

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