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Florida's graduation rate reaches 14-year high

Florida's graduation rate reaches 14-year high

Governor Rick Scott announced that Florida’s high school graduation rate has reached a 14-year high according to data released by the Florida Department of Education. For the 2016-17 school year, Florida’s statewide graduation rate rose to 82.3 percent, an increase of 23.1 percentage points since 2003-04 and 1.6 percentage points over last year. Full news release here. For graduation information by school district, download this Excel spreadsheet.

Tax stance sets up election-year education budget battle

In what has become an annual battle in recent years, the governor and the state Senate have proposed funding an increase to K-12 schools by collecting more money in local property taxes, and the House has refused to do it. More from WLRN and the Tampa Bay Times.

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Opinion: Community colleges already are fulfilling their mission

For more than 75 years, Florida’s community and state colleges have single-handedly changed the lives of tens of millions of Floridians, opening the door of opportunity through education and preparing students to become the backbone of our state’s workforce. [Source: Miami Herald]

Bill to make home schooling easier in Florida flies through first committee

On its first full day of session, the Florida House took steps to make it easier for families to home school their children while still taking advantage of some public education services. With no opposition from the public or members, the House PreK-12 Innovation Subcommittee quickly advanced HB 731. [Source: Tampa Bay Times]

Med school grads at one Florida university had the biggest student debt in the nation

New doctors are facing increased medical school student debt. Along with that debt comes the need to see more patients to make more money to pay down that steadily rising expense. Medical students coming out of Nova Southeastern University in Davie reported the highest student debt in the nation at $259,422. [Source: Miami Herald]


› Former FSU employees file whistleblower lawsuit
Two former Florida State University employees are blowing the whistle, claiming illegal activity led them to lose their jobs.

› Security beefed up for first day of "White Racism" class at Southwest Florida college
Florida Gulf Coast University beefed up security for the first day of a provocatively-titled class called "White Racism." Tuesday morning, several campus police officers made a visible presence in and around Reed Hall, where the first day of class was being held.

› Florida charter schools get final figures on local capital funding support
Charter schools across Florida will get a combined $91.2 million from their school districts this year, as part of a new capital funds sharing program lawmakers created last spring. The money comes from districts' local property tax revenue for construction, maintenance and related needs.

› Hodges University names John Meyer as president
Dr. John Meyer has been appointed by the Hodges University Board of Trustees as the university’s new president. The appointment was made in conjunction with Hodges’ ongoing strategic directives to ensure academic quality for a diverse student population.

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