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Monday's Afternoon Update

Despite rises, gas prices still trail 2014 levels

Gasoline prices keep ticking up, but here's some good news for consumers: With the oil supply flush worldwide, gas prices should stay well stay below their 2014 levels, analysts say. More at the South Florida Sun-Sentinel and the Florida Times-Union.

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Sales and Marketing Advice for Florida Business
Measuring your company's success — the right way

Many business owners and executives believe that obsessively tracking indicators such as the number of calls a sales person makes a week, the break-even point for each product, net income ratio, or even cash flow from operations will save the day. More from Ron Stein.

Social media carries its own pitfalls

Leisure Industry
Sailing on the Wane

The pursuit of sailing is fighting head winds.

Beyond the blow from the Great Recession, sailing faces pressure from aging baby boomers turning toward powerboats and millennials enjoying broader leisure options, industry leaders say.

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Whether it’s comments about news events, long-held beliefs or a bad joke, an employee’s offensive posts on Facebook, Twitter or other social media sites can damage a company’s image and profits. More at the AP.

South Florida’s Better Business Bureau boss

In January, after over 30 years in the agency, Rodney Davis became the president and chief executive officer of the nonprofit Better Business Bureau of South Florida and the Caribbean. The main things that motivate him now, Davis, are the same as those at the start of his career: the chance to deal with new challenges daily. More at the Miami Herald.

Small Business Advice
How to deal with mistakes in the workplace

Since mistakes are part of the human condition, you can be certain your workers are going to mess up. You can see these inevitable slipups as tragedies or you can see them as blessings. The choice is yours. More from Jerry Osteryoung.

Out of the Box
Lions, tigers, cougars moving to Osceola – oh my!

lion reserve Right now, the plot of land along an empty stretch of US 441 doesn't look like much. But soon, the tigers are coming. "Our 31 tigers are the largest number of tigers of any facility in Florida," said Central Florida Animal Reserve senior vice president K. Simba Wiltz, standing amid the empty shells of the buildings that will one day echo with growls, roars, and — if all goes well — cougar calls.

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