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Monday's Afternoon Update

Florida may end insurers’ tax credit

Florida lawmakers are moving forward with a proposal to eliminate a 15 percent premium tax credit for insurance companies in order to reduce automobile license fees despite strong objections from the insurance industry. More at the Insurance Journal.

Sales and Marketing Advice for Florida business
How to spend your marketing dollars wisely

There are many things you can spend your marketing dollars on -- It just never seems to end. If you want to connect with qualified prospects and convert them to revenue there’s a cost attached to it. It’s not an option -- it’s just part of doing business and a challenge getting it right. Read Ron Stein's full column.

Family business grows into Fort Meade tradition


Witness to an evolution

jeff lehman
Jeff Lehman arrived in South Beach just as South Beach was starting to arrive.

He was merely driving through town on the way to take a cruise back in 1993 when he fell in love with the still-sleepy area.

“I said, ‘Oh my God, this is heaven,’ ” he said.

Over the past two decades, Lehman has watched — and participated in — the transformation of Miami Beach.

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At a time when shoppers seem to want convenient, time-saving supermarkets within a stone's throw of their homes, Fowler's Grocery defies that model. Fowler's Grocery is hardly conventional by 2013 standards. But shoppers there say two things keep them driving back to the store: the meat and Scott Fowler. More at the Lakeland Ledger.

Real estate agents pounding pavement for listings

The traditional spring selling season has arrived, but what it lacks this year are sellers. Housing inventories are hovering near their lowest levels in more than a decade, creating a free-for-all mentality among investors and other buyers competing for a limited supply of homes. More at the Source.

Small Business Advice
Establish workplace rules for cellphones

Personal cellphone use is one of those issues that you must address both operationally and in your employee handbook. It is important you establish a policy that provides guidelines for use of employee-owned or personal cellphones. Read more from Dr. Jerry Osteryoung.

Out of the Box
Science of the entrepreneurial spirit

business ownerWhile “nurture” may be politically correct and “luck” the conclusion of the superstitious and intellectually lazy, there is abundant scientific evidence that “genetics”— that is, heredity — is the strongest explanatory factor for those who choose to become entrepreneurs, engage in entrepreneurship and actually succeed at it.

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