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Monday's Afternoon Update

Manufacturing jobs returning to U.S.

Who would have thought that jobs like metal-refining furnace operators and tenders would be making a comeback in the year 2012? But they are. Also rallying are jobs for computer-controlled machine-tool operators for metal and plastic production and engine and machine assemblers. More from Gannett.

Sales and Marketing Advice for Florida business
Follow-up is the most overlooked part of marketing

Successful lead generation can be summed up in one word: relevant. You might have thought "targeted" was a better choice. Yet, when marketing focuses on the target audience, their needs, and what will solve the problems they have, relevancy really does cover it all -- from the perspective of both your company and prospects. Read Ron Stein's full column.

Gov. Scott challenges universities: Offer degrees for $10,000

Business Profile

Food Network Kitchen

The Food Network is getting into the restaurant business in a location not always associated with good food: An airport.

The channel has opened its first Food Network Kitchen at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport in South Florida in the JetBlue terminal.

» Read more and see photos from the AP.

Florida Gov. Rick Scott, who this month told a panel overseeing the state's 12 public universities that he wants them to keep tuition rates down, issued another challenge: Offer degrees for $10,000. Read the full story and watch an interview with Gov. Scott at the Tampa Tribune.

Factors to consider when shopping for a business

When looking for a business to buy, you can forget immediate gratification. Businesses can’t be found under rocks. It’s a more complex process that takes more time than most people expect. More at the Miami Herald.

Small Business Advice
What really motivates staff?

Finding out what motivates staff is more of an art than a science. So many people believe that money is the proper incentive for all workers, but that just is not always the case. Bottom line is incentives have to be structured so they relate to the things your staff values. More small business advice form Jerry Osteryoung.

Green Business Trends
Groceries make green by going green

greenFrom cage-free eggs to paper towels made from 100 percent recycled paper, demand for ecologically conscious and organic grocery shopping in Florida stores is strong -- and growing. In an effort to compete with a new wave of specialty grocers that have set up shop locally in the past decade, including Whole Foods Market, Trader Joe's and The Fresh Market, more and more mainline grocers are adding organic and "green" items to stay competitive.

» Full story from the Sarasota Herald-Tribune