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Monday's Afternoon Update

Co-working wave with an entrepreneurial twist

The founders of the snug-but-artsy co-working space called LAB Miami want the space to be an inviting gathering place for the creative class, with space for entrepreneurs of all types to open up their laptops and collaborate by day, and come together for classes, parties and other community events, too. Their space — LAB stands for Love Art Business — has a creative and social entrepreneurial vibe, attracting members in education-focused start-ups, nonprofits, Web design, photography, fashion, film production and improv. More at the Miami Herald.

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Momentum growing behind hatching a tech hub

The vision: Entrepreneurs find many places to meet and mingle, maybe run into an investor or two. Accelerators accept the best and the brightest start-ups, which in turn stay and grow their businesses in South Florida. Tech companies and serial entrepreneurs open their doors to mentor others. Robust university systems supply the talented technologists and entrepreneurs in the making. Healthy angel networks fund many early-stage companies. More at the Miami Herald.

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Business problems you ignore won't solve themselves


Inventor forges a 'shining star'

He invented voice mail at the age of 18. And rock and roll made it possible. Robin Elkins conceived a way to convert analog audio to digital form while looking for a better way to record rock music as a student at Hollywood High in South Florida.

That precocious achievement was a laurel he could have rested on, but Elkins can’t stop being a scientist.

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Business owners and managers often have problems that they are not addressing because they are either unable or unwilling to deal with them. Many times these entrepreneurs tell me that they do not have the time to deal with these problems because there are more pressing issues requiring their immediate attention. Other times, they are just unsure how to fix the trouble and it is easier to simply ignore it. More from Jerry Osteryoung.

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Recruiting a winning team

As fantasy football season begins, many of us turn our sights to creating a winning team. Fantasy football is an easy outlet to pick individuals with the best attributes and build a winning virtual team. As you try to select individuals to add to the team at your business, you may find that building a real work team is not as simple as building a virtual team. More at the Gainesville Business Report.

October recognizes job seekers with disabilities

People with disabilities looking for jobs often need additional support in finding sustainable work, and October marks National Disability Employment Awareness Month to highlight the issue. Read more at the South Florida Sun-Sentinel and the U.S. Department of Labor.

Epcot turns 30

EpcotWalt Disney’s dream of an economic driver in Central Florida came true decades ago with the opening of Walt Disney World. And 30 years ago, the company brought its second park, Epcot, to life – revamping the way many tourists experience theme parks today. But the park — ranked third most-visited in the United States by theme park researchers — also plays a major role in the business community creating new jobs, business partnerships and having an economic impact well into the billions of dollars each year. Read an interview with Epcot Vice President Erin Young at the Orlando Business Journal.

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