April 23, 2021
Promote It

A Road Map for Success

Promote It

You think of your business as special, right? The numbers say it's not.

| 7/20/2020

According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, your small business is just one of 30.7 million that exist across the U.S. If you want your business to be noticed in a crowd like that, you must establish your brand quickly and promote it like crazy.

Start with a logo.

As soon as you’ve chosen a name for your business, begin thinking about a logo to represent it. Your logo will appear on everything — advertising, business cards, letterhead, website, signage, boxes, bags, receipts — so make sure it’s clean, well-executed and something you can live with for the long term. And don’t be tempted to cut corners on the design. Pass on that artistically minded friend or relative who offers to design your logo for free; hire a professional to create your “look” instead. It will be worth the price.

Explore media options.

The promotional vehicles available to your small business can be summed up as two very large categories:

• Traditional Media – newspapers; magazines; TV; radio; direct mail (flyers and coupons); outdoor advertising (billboards and signage); and specialty advertising (“stuff” like pens, hats, mugs and T-shirts bearing your company’s logo)

• Digital Media – website; email marketing; social media; and online reviews


Reputation Matters
One of the most effective forms of advertising — word of mouth — doesn’t cost a dime, but it can seriously impact your bottom line. Research shows that unhappy customers vocally share their experiences with twice as many friends as customers who’ve had a positive consumer experience. And thanks to social media, they aren’t shy about airing their grievances. If reputation matters to you, you should be taking these important steps:

• Always listen to your customers.

• If you make a mistake, fix it — with a smile.

• Strive always to provide such a high level of service that your customers won’t have any reason to complain.

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