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Florida Trend Wins Seven Editorial Excellence Awards

The Alliance of Area Business Publishers presented 108 Editorial Excellence awards to newspaper and magazine business periodicals June 21, 2014. The annual competition recognizes excellence in journalism, photography and design achieved by regional business publications. There were 659 entries from 43 publications in the competition. Divisions include Magazines, Newspapers, Open, Online and Best of Show. Gold, silver and bronze awards were presented in most categories. Below are the awards Florida Trend received.


Best Feature Layout
Bronze: Florida Trend -- “Golden Spoon Awards,” Gary Bernloehr, Jason Morton

Palm Beach County

A wonderful opening portrait beckons readers into this well-designed collection of listings. There is a good mix of large, small and in-between elements, organized in a way that grabs attention, holds it and keeps readers moving through the content. Nice unity in the color palette throughout, including the photographs.

Best Use of Photography/Illustrations
Silver: Florida Trend (Gary Bernloehr; Jason Morton)

Florida Trend does a great job of mixing illustrations, portraits and photographic illustrations. However, their strength is their portraiture. “A-Lotto Money” surprises viewers with the juggling lotto balls, and the Jerry Uelsmann portrait perfectly portrays his spirit. The knockout photograph is the complicated group portrait for “Best Companies To Work For In Florida,” below.

Downtown Gainesville, Florida
Carol Craig, founder, Craig Technologies [Photo: Norma Lopez Molina]

Best Feature
Silver: Florida Trend -- “La Florida,” Lilly Rockwell, Mike Vogel; Mark Howard, editor

This is an exhaustively reported look at Florida’s Hispanic population and culture. The piece works because the writers found real people who represent the various aspects of the demographic and the history of the state of Florida. Like most good stories, the reader learns a lot but the information seems effortless because of great storytelling.

Best Personality Profile
Silver: Florida Trend -- “Carol Craig,” Mike Vogel

A well-written profile gives the reader the sense of going on a journey with the subject. This piece has that feel. Through good reporting and some salient observations, Vogel conveys not just who Carol Craig is but how she got to be that person. The piece was full of anecdotes that speak to who a person is. It still had the requisite “business stuff,” but it really was about Carol Craig first and Craig Technologies second.


Best By-line Commentary
Bronze: Florida Trend -- “Core Wars,” Mark Howard

Mark Howard brings a common-sense perspective to the Florida debate over whether to adopt Common Core state standards for education, and he boldly dresses down state officials for failing to lead on the issue as well as rabid opponents who rely on conspiracy theories to undermine the effort. This was a well-written and well-formulated argument that sided with facts rather than emotion.

Best Explanatory Journalism
Silver: Florida Trend -- “Higher Ed Trends,” Mike Vogel

The reporter provides a comprehensive snapshot of the economic health of higher education in the state. It features impressive use of public data sources that help inform the reporting about the most important issues of the day.

Best Daily Email
Gold: Florida Trend

Florida Trend’s Daily Pulse, stands out for its personality-driven storytelling. Featured stories show depth that goes beyond the financial reports of faceless corporations. Editors’ creative approach to content shines through in the “Who said that?” quiz, video and human-interest sidebars. This email informs, entertains and gives readers every reason to click through to the Florida Trend web site.

Headquartered in Los Angeles, the Alliance of Area Business Publishers is a nonprofit organization representing 64 independent magazine and newspaper members in the United States, Canada and Australia. www.bizpubs.org.