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Florida real estate sales up from last year

The Sunshine State's housing market continued to do well in March, with higher median prices, more new listings and a stable level of inventory, according to the latest data available from Florida Realtors. More from the Orlando Business Journal and the Brevard Times.

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Job market for college grads better but still weak

With college commencement ceremonies nearing, the government is offering a modest dose of good news for graduating seniors: The job market is brightening for new grads - a bit. [Source: AP]

Amazon sales take a hit in states with online tax

In one of the first efforts to quantify the impact of states accruing more tax revenue from Web purchases, researchers at Ohio State University have found sales dropped for Amazon when the online charge was introduced. In states that have the tax, households reduced their spending on Amazon by about 10 percent compared to those in states that don’t have the levy. ” More from Businessweek and the Orlando Business Journal.

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Small Business Basics

The ACA and You

The ACA and Small Employers

Some provisions of the health care law apply only to small employers. Although the ACA does not require that businesses provide health insurance, it does offer tax credits for eligible small businesses.

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Lawmakers seek change in MLB Cuban player policy

Two Florida lawmakers motivated by Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Yasiel Puig's dangerous escape from Cuba are trying to change the way Major League Baseball treats Cuban players and are willing to tie state money for stadiums to the issue. [Source: AP]

E-cig industry awaits looming federal regulation

Smokers are increasingly turning to battery-powered electronic cigarettes to get their nicotine fix. They're about to find out what federal regulators have to say about the popular devices. [Source: AP]


› Sarasota merchants eye electric cart routes
A push to establish a fleet of golf carts in Sarasota attracted a lot of attention two years ago, but faded. More recently, leaders of the Downtown Improvement District revived the idea and sketched out a route that would serve Main Street and reach out to some of the newer hotel developments on downtown's periphery.

› Car insurers see win at Florida Supreme Court
Car insurers are hailing a Florida Supreme Court decision not to review a case that aimed to stop a state law reducing Personal Injury Protection benefits, but opposing lawyers said renewed challenges are likely.

› Coding schools putting down roots in Miami
As Miami’s first development boot camp, Wyncode, gets ready to begin its first class next month, a second code school has jumped into the market.

› FCAT tests delayed over website woes
Thousands of students couldn't take FCAT online on Tuesday, as problems with the testing company's website prevented students from logging in. The glitch with the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test affected districts around Florida.

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› Melting Pot seeks to add franchises in U.S., Canada
The Melting Pot, a Tampa-based fondue restaurant chain, is seeking to expand nationwide and across Canada. The Melting Pot expects to sign several new franchise agreements by the end of the year and open at least four new restaurants by 2015.

› Sarasota tourism officials worry about proposed bed tax spending cap
Local tourism officials worry that a plan floated to cap tourism tax funding at $15 million could hurt efforts to promote the community even as Sarasota County is making a national name for itself with beaches and a growing sports niche.

› Chamber and county join forces one economic development
Alachua County and the Gainesville Area Chamber of Commerce came together on April 16 for the first of a series of meetings to try to replicate the success that the Chamber has had in its partnership with the City of Gainesville on economic development.

Miami's oldest bar has plans to move
With a lease ending next year and construction intensifying in Brickell, Miami's oldest bar is looking to sell and move to a location around the corner.