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Wednesday's Afternoon Update

Gov. Scott signs legislation that cuts $400 million in annual vehicle registration fees for Floridians

Governor Rick Scott signed a bill on Wednesday which rolls back vehicle-registration fees that were increased in 2009. The measure was one of Scott’s top priorities for the legislative session. The bill is expected to save motorists a total of $309 million during the upcoming 2014-15 budget year, with the new, lower rates going into effect Sept. 1. Read the announcement here and see more from CBS Miami.

Many women business owners hesitant when it comes to risk taking

When big risks lead to big rewards, women leaders must shift their thought processes if they are going to increase their growth prospects. How exactly, does someone become more of a risk taker? The first step is a mindshift. More at the Miami Herald.

Florida legislative tax cut proposals have big differences

Economic Yearbook

Fort Lauderdale is in expansion mode

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Tourism shows no signs of slowing down, but other industries also are driving growth. Companies in the pharmaceutical industry and other health care-related sectors are relocating to Broward County, and existing firms are expanding as the industry grows.

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The competing House and Senate tax cut proposals have many differences that need to be worked out, but there are beneficial provisions in both plans, according to a report from Florida TaxWatch. The independent, nonpartisan, nonprofit government watchdog group's new report, Comparing the House, Senate and Governor Tax Cut Proposals, compares the three proposals. Read the full report.

Miramar erasing pay gap between genders

Miramar has the 8th fastest decreasing gender pay gap in the nation, according to a new analysis by NerdWallet, a consumer financial literacy website. The pay gap fell by nearly 26 percent from 2007 to 2012. Men had a median income of $45,300 compared with $40,200 for women. More at the South Florida Sun-Sentinel.

Colleges’ 4-year program under fire

Some Florida legislators are concerned that four-year degree programs at state colleges such as Miami Dade College are overlapping on what universities offer and perhaps funding for it should be cut. More at Miami Today.

Out of the Box
Tiny Living

tiny livingNo closets, a single bedroom, rooms barely wide enough to allow their owners to stretch their legs while watching TV. If you had to significantly cut down the size of your home, could you do it? Full story from the Florida Times-Union