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Make it a Great Resume

Writing a great resume does not mean you should follow all the rules you hear. Every resume is a one-of-a-kind marketing communication. It should be appropriate to your situation and do exactly what you want it to do. A good summary can be used as the basis for this interviewer favorite: “Tell me about yourself.”

Show confidence
Talk about your accomplishments. Tell employers how you’ve made a difference in current/previous roles.
“Boosted sales 33% to $40,000 in six months.”

Unlock keywords
Awful truth: Many resumes are not even read, they’re are often scanned either by a person or a machine looking for keywords that match the hiring criteria.
Use keywords from the job listing and the company’s website.

Watch your language
Don’t start sentences with I, We or Our.
Don’t even use full sentences.
Bullet points with strong action verbs have more impact.
"Reduced manufacturing costs by 27%."

Common resume mistakes

2hot2handle@cantgetajob.com just won’t cut it. Get a new email address to use in your job search.

• Links to inappropriate content. Recruiters will check your online profiles, so keep it clean or don’t add the link.

• Objectives statement: Objectives tend to focus too much on what you want rather than what you can offer.

• Typos: Poofread. Proofread again!
Do NOT rely on spellcheck. Spellcheck doesn’t always get it right, so have a second set of eyes read your resume.

• TMI: What you exclude is just as important as what you include. If you have any college education, don’t list high school. Make sure items are relevant to the position.

“If your resume seems to be lacking, reach out to a staffing agency or company that focuses on career counseling. You never want to oversell yourself, but in many cases, people tend to sell themselves short. A career counselor can help you translate duties you have performed into the skills and experience the hiring manager is looking for.”

– Kathy Young, Director of Staffing Operations, Incepture, Jacksonville