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Tuesday's Daily Pulse

Insurance rates climb despite hurricane dry spell

It’s been nearly eight years since Hurricane Wilma raked the southern end of Florida and caused billions in damages, the last of eight hurricanes to hit the state in 2004 and 2005. Yet even as the state has been spared from additional hurricanes since that time, Florida’s fragile property insurance market has resulted in nearly year after year of steadily rising insurance rates for homeowners. More from the AP and CBS Miami.

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Wanted: A taste of the startup life

Around Florida, organizations have mobilized to immerse talented college and high school students into the startup life. Venture Hive, the accelerator/incubator in downtown Miami, held an Intern Open House last week with 19 startup companies and 57 high school and college students, said Susan Amat, Venture Hive’s founder. [Source: Miami Herald]

Space Act deals draw lawmaker scrutiny

NASA's increasing use of unconventional contracts to carry out some of its most important work is drawing heavy scrutiny on Capitol Hill. Several key Republicans are questioning whether the contracts, known as Space Act agreements, are compromising safety and security, or squandering tax dollars in order to speed development of missions or foster international partnerships. [Source: Florida Today]

Memorial Day weekend business boom

The Memorial Day holiday weekend means a business boom for many South Florida restaurants, businesses and hotels. Packed with partygoers, Miami Beach has become a Memorial Day playground for nearly a quarter of a million visitors from all over who come to town for the Urban Beach weekend. [Source: CBS Miami]

Mompreneurs turn their parenting solutions into businesses

Talk about multi-tasking. These days, many modern moms are juggling running a household with managing their own business. They are taking problems they encounter with their own families, finding unique solutions, and turning them into business models. [Source: Miami Herald]


› Moffitt, community cancer centers question new state award
A little more than a year ago, Gov. Rick Scott warned Moffitt Cancer Center and two other Florida research institutions they would lose state funds if they tried to franchise their brand names. Little came of that warning other than criticism for Scott. Now he has signed legislation that could help other cancer hospitals burnish their own brand names.

› Orlando tech company turns to Alabama 'angels' for capital
When it came to raising outside investment capital for the next leg of their venture, Via Response's founders came up empty. No investors in Florida would open their checkbooks. When the company's breakthrough came earlier this year, it was from an unexpected source: an Alabama "angel" investment group, which became the company's lead investor to the tune of $525,000.

› Data storage bunker in Melbourne a futuristic investment
The windowless, 25,000-square-foot ndtHost data storage center adjacent to a nature preserve just south of Viera Boulevard looks like a futuristic fortress. In a way, it is.

› JTA will go green with its first alternative fuel buses
The Jacksonville Transportation Authority is adding seven hybrid buses that use a combination of diesel and electric power, just like a hybrid automobile does. Their arrival marks the first time the agency’s 155 buses have run on anything other than standard diesel engines.

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› Deposit boxes not as safe as you think
In advance of the 2013 hurricane season kicking off this week, many Florida residents are stashing valuables, heirlooms and important documents in banks' safe deposit boxes. But they might want to reconsider just how safe and protected those prized possessions really are.

› Column: It’s time to lead your team out of the recession
For many of us in business, the recent recession defined us as leaders. We had to adjust to meet seemingly insurmountable challenges. For years we had to lead our organizations through the most difficult economic crisis since the Great Depression — yet now we are faced with a new set of challenges.

› Finding skilled elder home care workers not easy
While most Americans say they would prefer to age in place in their own homes, few understand the implications of opening those homes to strangers who can provide the help they need. And surveys show that very few Americans consider the price tag in advance.

› SeaWorld: Income tax unlikely until 2018
The Orlando Sentinel reported last month that SeaWorld Entertainment Inc. doesn't expect to pay any cash income taxes for several years. So when exactly will the profitable company become a cash taxpayer? Apparently not until 2018.