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Wednesday's Afternoon Update

International trade could could be bigger boos for Florida's economy

In the midst of economic recovery, Canada continues to be one of Florida's top international trade partners. However, business leaders argue that unnecessary border policies and regulations are hindering the prosperous relationship. "Our successful trade relationship is under pressure," President and CEO of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce Perrin Beatty said during his keynote address at last week's Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce free trade luncheon. More at Miami Today.

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It's smart to be nice, business ethics panel says

Panel members at Florida Institute of Technology on Tuesday said if corporations don’t act responsibly and police themselves, they can expect the government to step in and set more of the agenda. And that’s something companies prefer to avoid. More at Florida Today.

Florida ranks one of the best for parent involvement in education

Editor's Column

Fix It

mark howard
Each year this time, I am reminded in a very tangible way of how precarious Florida’s property insurance system is. My homeowner’s insurance bill arrives, and on top of what I owe my insurance company, I am billed more than $500 in “assessments” from state-owned Citizens Property Insurance and the state’s CAT fund, the backstop source of cheap reinsurance for Citizens (and private companies).

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The Center for Education Reform ranked Florida as one of the best for potential parent involvement with their children’s education. The state, ranked No. 2 on the center’s “Parent Power Index,” earns good marks consistently due to its charter laws and educational options with board school choice programs. More at the Tampa Bay Business Journal.

Overwhelmed at work? Be smart when you share it with the boss

Have you ever stormed into your boss’ office and blared out: “I’m overwhelmed?” It’s a declaration more employees are considering after being stretched to the limits. With business picking up but employers still reluctant to hire, many workers find themselves with too many things that need to be done at once; others are responsible for tasks they’re not skilled to do well. More at the Miami Herald.

Pollo Tropical and FloridaWorks bring jobs to Gainesville

Fire up the grills; Pollo Tropical, a Miami-based restaurant known for its signature flame-grilled chicken, is opening a location on Archer Road in Gainesville this May and plans to hire more than 120 employees. More at the Gainesville Business Report.

Industry Profile
Hairdressers still in style

salonDuring an economic downturn that has many industries struggling, Florida cosmetology schools remain steady and continue to serve clients and graduate students. And although they were typically busier during the recession as job seekers searched for short training periods that would get them employed, experts said the outlook is positive – among the industry and the cosmetology schools.

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