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Monday's Afternoon Update

Florida debates wage theft legislation

Businesses and workers-rights advocates are fighting over a bill that would set uniform state standards for employees who say they haven’t been paid their full wages to seek compensation. Florida is one of the few states without a labor department, which is where most wage disputes are settled elsewhere. More at the Insurance Journal.

Sales and Marketing Advice for Florida business
How to market your professional services

Selling services is much more difficult than selling products. Marketing something that’s intangible is just a tough sell and you’ve got to work harder than businesses that offer things you can see and touch. For a business that provides services, the only thing potential clients see is a commodity that’s the same no matter who they do business with. Right? Read Ron Stein's full column.

How to prepare for technical difficulties

Industry Profile

Self-storage business going through another change

Industry analysts say developers became a little too zealous during the housing bubble, causing many newly built self-storage locations to fold when the market crashed beginning in 2007. Like many businesses that rely on housing, though, self-storage revenue is starting to stabilize.

» Full story from the Sarasota Herald-Tribune

When Lisa Turner made the transition from the corporate world to running her own small business and working from home, she didn’t miss the snarling rush hour commuter traffic or working late almost every night of the week. But she did miss the information technology guy who worked down the hall from her office. More at the Miami Herald.

South Florida business incubators offer something for everyone

You’ve made the decision to start your own company. Although the road to successful entrepreneurship may be long, lonely and riddled with potholes, good incubator and accelerator programs can help you minimize risk, form great partnerships, raise seed capital, and achieve milestones more quickly. More at the South Florida Business Journal.

Small Business Advice
Small businesses must compete on value, not price

Big box stores like Wal-Mart, Home Depot and Lowe’s are able to buy goods for a much lower cost than almost any small business, which gives them a competitive advantage on price. And, even though small businesses will never be able to match their larger rivals on price, they can — and should — compete very effectively on value. Full column from Dr. Jerry Osteryoung.

Out of the Box
Roller coaster still up for grabs

condoThe Dania Beach Hurricane roller coaster, the tallest wooden roller coaster in Florida, is still standing. But not for long. In January, the Hurricane was almost auctioned off for delinquent taxes. The auction was averted when the back taxes owed were paid. Dania Woody officials then offered to donate the roller coaster to a nonprofit as long as they would dismantle the structure and haul it away. So far no one has committed.

» Full story from the South Florida Sun-Sentinel