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Gov. Rick Scott reverses Medicaid decision - supports expansion

Gov. Rick Scott said he supports expanding Medicaid and funneling billions of federal dollars to Florida, a significant policy reversal that could mean health care coverage for an additional one million residents. "While the federal government is committed to pay 100 percent of the cost, I cannot, in good conscience, deny Floridians the needed access to health care,” Scott said. [Source: Miami Herald]

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» Florida Medicaid expansion could create 71,300 jobs [Tampa Bay Times]
A report released by two consumer groups Wednesday makes a pro-business case for Medicaid expansion in Florida, saying the infusion of federal money in the state would create 71,300 jobs and $8.9 billion in economic activity.
» Florida Medicaid privatization plans moving forward

Thousands of Florida workers face furloughs

More than 12,000 civilian Air Force workers at Florida military installations will face furloughs of up to 22 days unless Congress acts to stop automatic budget cuts set to take effect March 1. The move would save the government $94.5 million, part of a congressionally approved plan known as “sequestration." [Source: Florida Today]

» Florida firefighters sequestration woes
» Virginia, Florida and Pennsylvania among states to be hardest hit by sequestration
» Message to the Department from Secretary of Defense Leon E. Panetta on the Preparations for Potential Sequestration
» Automatic U.S. budget cuts would benefit Russia
» Congressional Research Service report on the breakdown of federal civilian employees

Hotels tap new technologies to enhance guests' experience

South Florida hotels are adopting new technologies or tapping existing ones to enhance the guest experience and better serve customers in an increasingly mobile age. With hotel guests becoming more reliant on smartphones and other mobile devices such as iPads and laptops, demand for faster and more seamless technology before and after check-in is growing, experts say. [Source: South Florida Sun-Sentinel]

Ron Rose
Ron Rose's company makes products used in the printing business. With the publishing industry struggling, Ron Rose has begun looking for growth opportunities overseas.

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Start the presses

The publishing industry isn’t filled with optimism these days, with many newspapers, bookstores and magazines fighting for survival. Despite long odds, Jacksonville resident Ron Rose started a business that depends heavily on the health of that industry. Full story...

Gov. Scott says Citizens execs should give big raises back

Gov. Rick Scott blasted top executives at Citizens Property Insurance for "foolish" behavior Wednesday, calling on them to give back large pay raises they received last year. The raises, first reported by the Times/Herald, came as the state-run company was increasing homeowners' insurance rates and scaling back coverage. [Source: Times/Herald]

» Citizens boss defends pay raises
» Everyone pays if Citizens' surplus runs out


› Florida school districts could get more flexibility on class sizes
A bill that would change the way schools are penalized for not complying with class size requirements is getting bipartisan support so far in Tallahassee.

› Google acquires Celebration software firm for $125M
Google on Wednesday acquired Channel Intelligence, a Celebration-based software company, for $125 million in cash. Channel Intelligence develops technology that streamlines the online-buying process.

› Author Dan Pallotta hopes to wake up charity leaders at Philanthropy Miami
The way author and entrepreneur Dan Pallotta sees it, charities need to start taking big risks – the kind of risks a business would make. Pallotta will be speaking about his philosophy during the first day of the Leadership Forum at the Philanthropy Miami conference.

› Hurricane center's cone of error shrinks again
You won't notice much difference, but the National Hurricane Center's cone of error has shrunk - again. The center determines the size of the cone by averaging out its forecast track errors over the past five seasons - and in the past five years storm path predictions have become steadily more accurate.

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› Siesta Public Beach named to a world Top 25 list
TripAdvisor has added Siesta Public Beach to its 2013 Travelers Choice Beaches Awards list, beating out other world-renowned beach destinations across the globe.

› Orlando wants to recycle your old electronics
If you've got a drawer full of old cell phones or an old television gathering dust in the garage, listen up. Orlando is hosting an electronics recycling event on Saturday. Residents can drop off old or unused electronics free of charge.

› Health Foundation gives $1.8 million
Health Foundation of South Florida announced Tuesday the awarding of grants worth a total of $1.8 million to 21 organizations. The foundation has awarded more than $98 million in grants and support since 1993.

› Founder of CareerEdge joins biotech company
Mireya Eavey, who helped launch CareerEdge Funders Collaborative in Bradenton in 2010 and built it into a critical bridge between local employers and educators, intends to join a Sarasota County biotech firm next month.