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Developing Your Personal Brand

Your personal brandGetting a job is like making a sales call. A good salesman will tell you there are two keys to closing the deal:
1. Knowledge -- Know everything about your product.
2. Passion -- Believe in your product.

Know yourself.
Think of five adjectives that best describe you and an example of why. Say you’re “strategic and competitive.” How? Maybe you’re good at video games. Connect that ability to the world of work. “In video games, the goal is to get to the next level. Each time I compete on a new level, I am learning the design of the game and adjusting my reactions to complete that level more quickly and be ready for the next. Improving my speed and accuracy each time is fun for me. The same concept can apply at this company. My goal would be to learn, adjust and constantly improve.”

Be passionate about you.
Practice sharing your five adjectives out loud so you are comfortable saying them with confidence. If you lack confidence, maybe the first person you need to sell is you.

Once you have it established, live up to your brand.
Decide what values represent who you are as a person and an employee. If “being dependable” is on your list, then do what you say you will do. Don’t make excuses. Get the job done.