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Trends in Florida health care

Medical apps, VA treatment for women, telemedicine and new approaches to treating and preventing mental illness are just a few of the trends in Florida health care. See all the Health Care Highlights here.

Also, Doctors and other medical professionals travel to Florida from around the world to learn at two of the most prominent training facilities in the country. Full story here.

Visit Florida to fine-tune its 'Shark Tank' ideas

Visit Florida is looking for a million-dollar idea that will persuade tourists to stay "one more day" in Florida, as part of a marketing initiative to boost spending within the state's tourism industry. The publicly subsidized marketing agency hosted a competition last week to scout ideas but said the final results were "too close to call." [Source: Orlando Sentinel]

Frozen egg donor banks sprout in wake of new technology

You've heard about sperm banks. Now, at long last, make room for their genetic equivalents: egg donor banks. After years of failed attempts to effectively freeze donor eggs, a revolutionary technology has finally fine-tuned the process, giving birth to a cottage industry of banks with a growing national catalog of healthy donor eggs. Florida stands to play a major role in the budding business, both in supplying a youthful donor pool and in generating demand from older women looking for viable options to grow their families, experts say. [Source: South Florida Sun-Sentinel]

Thrift stores grow — and go upscale

Hoping to hang on to such thrifty customers even after the economy recovers, resale shops are expanding, creating attractive interior designs and selling more fashionable merchandise. Even nonprofits such as Goodwill are getting into the act. [Source: Orlando Sentinel]

After five years of strong growth, coupon use sees decline

Coupon use surged during the recession as cash-strapped shoppers looked for ways to pinch pennies. Shoppers redeemed so many that brands had to scale back promotions because they were costing too much. In short, coupons became too successful. [Source: Tampa Bay Times]

» Specialized coupon distribution promotes healthy eating


› Cuban defectors choosing Tampa over Miami
Hoping to avoid the anti-Castro maelstrom in Miami — and spies for the regime — some important expats are choosing to live in Tampa.

› Cryonics movement in Brevard soldiers on after loss of key figure
Among the industry clusters that call Brevard County home, there's one that you don't hear much about. It employs only a few people, and the job creation opportunities are limited. But its goal is decidedly ambitious: to cheat death.

› Is bigger better? UCF's growth worries education leaders
The University of Central Florida prides itself on being the nation's second-largest public university by enrollment. But is that really a good thing? UCF finance professor Stanley D. Smith isn't convinced. The rapid growth at UCF spanning more than a decade, he says, has hurt students.

› Cruising the Med: lots of choices
A Mediterranean cruise is the dream of many people. It makes sense. Europe has so many places to see, so many cultures, so much history and such varied contemporary lifestyles. The Med boasts sensational shoreside activities and cuisines to try. But how does one choose with so many cruise lines, ships and itineraries?

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› Port of Tampa CEO ruminates on the his time at the helm
Richard Wainio said goodbye to the Port of Tampa on Friday. He has been credited with diversifying the port, modernizing its infrastructure and guiding it through the economic downturn and a rapidly changing cargo market. But Wainio also spent the past few years at odds with a vocal group of dissatisfied port tenants.

› Economic developers say Digital Domain cash didn’t go through normal safeguards
The collapse of movie effects company Digital Domain Media Group was the biggest flop of a state-supported company in the history of Florida job incentives, and it’s a debacle that promises to bring more scrutiny to the practice of giving taxpayer money to private employers.
» Backstory: Digital Domain closes Florida studio, CEO resigns

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› Forum aims to help Florida better match ideas with money
The Angel Forum of Florida wants to help fledgling businesses find support somewhere between the level of friends and family and larger-scale venture capital.

› Want to rent a gator? Florida attraction can help you out
Alligators have been calling Florida home since before the first humans arrived, but lately they're expanding their range into some unlikely places — such as the waiting room of a doctor's office.