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Explaining the political challenges of Florida's economy

Florida's economy presents a challenge to the two presidential candidates. Describing it properly is important not only to politics but also to policies that could finally bring the Sunshine State out of the economic doldrums. [Source: WUSF]

» Florida's economy kicks it down a notch
» Rubio addresses government's role in economy
» Highlights from the Fed's US economic survey

Florida Trend Exclusive
Florida Trend's RNC Coverage

Florida Trend's Amy Keller asked delegates why they're supporting Romney. See their answers and more pics from the convention.

RNC Tampa Bay 2012Plus, our daily RNC Roundup below:

» Saks woos Republicans with $70,000 elephant necklace souvenir
» Report: Clint Eastwood headed to the RNC
» Bondi at RNC: 'Time to repeal Obamacare'
» Front Row Tampa Bay promotes the city at the RNC
» Mermaids a hit at Aquarium RNC after party
» Parties, yacht tours, massages all part of RNC's surreal scene
» Transportation issues vex Florida's RNC delegation
» Front Row Tampa Bay keeps the message positive outside the RNC zone

$8 billion in mortgage relief arriving in Florida mailboxes

For legions of troubled home­owners, it's nearly the same as winning the lottery: mortgage principals, sliced and diced, with little paperwork and instant action. Already the offers have shaved more than $115 million from Florida mortgage principals. Since March, more than 1,000 borrowers across the state learned their principals were dropping by an average of $114,000. [Source: Tampa Bay Times]

Florida Trend Exclusive
Florida Conservation: Seaworthy

Marine researchers at Nova Southeastern University’s oceanography division like to tell stories about how scientists there used to take five-gallon buckets to the ocean, a short hike away, to get saltwater for their experiments. At Nova’s new $40-million Center of Excellence for Coral Reef Ecosystems Research, the process is considerably more sophisticated. Full story...

Now available: a class in customer service

Two rows of six people each sat face-to-face with nothing between them but compliments. The objective of the game was to practice saying "thank you" and to find positives in a near-stranger before rotating and doing it again with someone new. [Source: Gainesville Sun]


› Jacksonville's web.com is bustling with energy and success
As AC/DC’s “Live Wire” rocked web.com’s sales department, a head would occasionally pop up from the cubicles to announce another sale. The department almost resembles party central. And why not? It’s electric times for the Jacksonville-based company, which provides website design and online marketing strategies to small businesses.

› Grooveshark returns to Google with Android app
The Gainesville-based music streaming service is back in the Google Play store with an application for Android devices.

› Water removal firms see increased business following Isaac
Water removal companies have seen a boost in business following Tropical Storm Isaac, as people seek help drying out their flooded homes and repairing leaky roofs, doors and windows.

› European retailers flood Miami market
Globalization is bringing more European retailers to the US, and once they are here, Miami's economy, demographics and location make it an attractive choice for expansion.

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› South Florida company creates MasterCard for addicts
There are some things a MasterCard for addicts can't buy. Booze, strippers and tattoos. It's the premise of a South Florida invention soon to launch nationally, the Next Step Card, a prepaid MasterCard for people fighting addiction and families who don't quite trust them yet. The card won't work at cocktail lounges or casinos, nor will it fetch cash, a toxic asset for addicts, from ATMs.

› As elite panel airs lofty ideas on job creation, business startups show off real deal
Entrepreneurs — how to train them, motivate them and keep them — blossomed as a key theme during a luncheon panel of elite business, philanthropic, political and social leaders in town for the Republican National Convention. The mission? To explore how to create more jobs, but in ways that will help the next generation find both better purpose and opportunity in what they do.

› Longshoremen strike would cripple East Coast ports, but nothing is imminent
Port officials are bracing for a potential longshoremen’s strike along the East and Gulf coasts, but some union officials are downplaying the possibility of a work stoppage.

› Miami-based Florida Grand Opera names Susan Danis as CEO
The Florida Grand Opera searched around the world for a new general director and CEO, the company’s fourth in 72 years. She turned up just across the state.