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Doctoring health care

I’d like to call your attention to this month’s feature package on the changing practice of health care.

Florida Trend writers examine the technological and regulatory changes sweeping through the health care industry. They focus on new ways of delivering care and training physicians.

What does the federal Affordable Care Act mean to you, personally and as a business executive? Will it be harder to find a primary care doctor? Will health care become more efficient? Will hospitals suffer from lower reimbursements? Will your company’s costs go up? Are new treatments like proton therapy adding to the rising cost of care without greatly improving outcomes?

I don’t know the answers to these queries, but certainly we applaud the effort to improve health care. We’re particularly pleased that Florida is becoming a training center for doctors from around the world as they flock to facilities such as Orlando’s Nicholson Center and Tampa’s Center for Advanced Medical Learning. And we’re equally pleased that the hospitals around the state are being recognized for their quality care.

Once again Florida Trend carried home a bushel of awards from the annual business publishers conference. I’ll just crow about this for a moment, because we are succeeding in producing a national quality magazine on a regional footprint. The winners:

» Bronze— Daily Pulse email alerts edited by Will Gorham

» Silver — Mike Vogel for localizing a national story on the business of sports

» Silver — Explanatory journalism for our 43-page package of articles about higher education, awarded to Art Levy, Amy Keller, Cynthia Barnett, Mike Vogel, John Annunziata and Mark Howard

» Silver — Art Levy for his legal column

» Silver — Mark Howard for editorial commentary

» Silver — Overall artistic design, acknowledging Gary Bernloehr and Jason Morton

» Gold — Best use of photography

» Gold — Best article layout

» Gold — Best cover design for “Florida, Texas Style?” depicting Gov. Rick Scott’s boots and their hand-sewn Florida seals.

Business is all about looking forward, so that’s exactly what we’re doing here at Florida Trend — both in print and online.

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Advertisers and readers should know that the editorial calendar for 2013 is set. The most popular topics, such as Floridian of the Year and Economic Yearbook, are back. This will be the 45th straight year for the Yearbook. Florida Trend will cover higher education, banking, real estate, small business and much more. We’ve added more health care updates to mirror the huge interest in that topic. And in May, we’ll look at the Hispanic influence in the state, timed to the Viva Florida 500 celebration of the Spanish discovery of Florida in 1513. The full editorial calendar appears on page 103 and is available in the media kit section of FloridaTrend.com.

Fitness update: Training is under way for the 5k scheduled on Thanksgiving Day. Last month I walked the distance in an hour, then I did a run/walk, which cut 10 minutes off the time, and then another run/walk. It’s hot out there.


— Andy Corty