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The conflicting narratives on Florida's economy

Numbers may not lie, but Republicans Mitt Romney and Rick Scott are using them to portray two very conflicting points of view about Florida's economic picture. It's a dissonance that may become more distinct as Romney and Scott take the stage during the Republican National Convention this month in Tampa and Romney campaigns today in Florida. [Source: Times/Herald]

Florida Trend Exclusive
Florida cuisine featured in the final Olympic feast

After the grand ceremonies to close the 2012 Olympic Games, one thousand US athletes coaches and families celebrated with a grand banquet of Gulf seafood, including Florida grouper prepared by Golden Spoon chef Paul Stellato. He was one of a team of star chefs from Florida to Louisiana sent to London, along with vacuum packed fresh catch, as a goodwill effort by British Petroleum. Full story...

» Olympics to feature Gulf Coast chefs
» BP's 'spirit of the Gulf' Olympics hospitality is hard to swallow

Senior citizens go without homeowners insurance amid soaring premiums

Senior citizens are more likely to own their homes outright, meaning they have the option of going without property insurance. As Citizens Property Insurance Corp. raises its rates and its post-claim deductibles, more elderly Floridians are doing the math and opting to do just that. [Source: Times/Herald]

Turning volunteering into employment

About 10.5 million, or one in 10, American workers are employed by nonprofits, the third largest of all U.S. industries, behind only manufacturing and retail trade. From 2008 to 2010, for-profit employment declined by more than 8 percent but nonprofit employment expanded by more than 4.5 percent in that time frame. [Source: Florida Times-Union]

Is energy in Florida in danger of regression?

Five years ago, Florida's plans to generate more electricity from nuclear power were bright. Nuclear power presented none of the pollution problems of coal, sidestepped the volatile price fluctuations of natural gas, and was more reliable than renewables like solar and wind. But nuclear power has turned out to be anything but a panacea. [Source: Ocala Star-Banner]

» COLUMN: Duke Energy has more to repair than broken nuclear plant in Florida


› Small retail shops use Facebook fan pages to get customers through the door
Long before Revolve Clothing Exchange opened its newest location, it had a Facebook page. The staff posted photos of shelving under construction and shoes headed for the racks. "Stay tuned for more awesomeness!" screamed a post about its vintage T-shirts.
» Social-media savvy boutique owner hasn't paid for advertising
» Firms learn Pinterest more than pretty pictures

› The future is now at Miami hackathon
Bring 160+ hackers together for a weekend, keep the Red Bull flowing, and what do you get? Mobile applications to solve all kinds of life’s problems.

› Some boomers to their mortgage: 'Til death do us part'
More South Florida baby boomers are retiring while still paying mortgages — and some expect to make house payments into their 90s, mortgage brokers and financial planners say.

› In these uncertain times, UF grads improvise
Saturday's graduates of the University of Florida are going to do lots of things, but it seems as if many may not be getting jobs in their field of study.

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› Ryan could be a drag on Romney in Florida
Paul Ryan’s plans to retool Medicare pose challenges in Florida, as does his one-time opposition to the Cuban embargo, a stance anathema to many Cuban Americans.
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› Orlando-area home sales on wild ride that 'can't last'
How hot is Metro Orlando's home market, which just a few years ago consistently ranked among the worst in the country for foreclosures? Bob Tenaglia, broker for Orlando-based Realty Executive Central Florida, says he tells his buyers these days to check their text messages every 15 minutes, in case something new pops onto the market.

› Commissioner, hotelier offer contrasting views on Port Canaveral
Hotel owners and operators of other tourism-related businesses say some of the port’s recent actions have been detrimental to the visitor industry outside the port’s boundaries. The port counters that it is one of the main economic engines of Brevard County’s economy and that its actions were necessary to ensure it continues to be one of the busiest cruise ports in North America.

Florida seniors consider going without home insurance
With the cost of insurance soaring, many senior citizens in Florida are choosing the precarious option of dropping insurance altogether and bearing the risk of a hurricane hit on their own.