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TekPartners-MedPartnersHIM: Profile of a midsized company

Vito Scutero
Co-founder Vito Scutero [Photo: Jim Macbeth]
TekPartners/MedPartnersHIM puts a premium on candidates who have the right “personal makeup,” says Vito Scutero, co-founder and CEO. Scutero says potential candidates are given a personality test. The company looks for new hires with personalities that match those of current employees who have been successful. The Coral Springs-based private staffing company also uses a “top grading” hiring approach — including detailed reference checks and a rigorous, structured interview process that probes their performance in previous jobs — to help identify any “red flags.” Graduates who’ve been involved in social organizations, student government and athletics tend to have an edge over those who focused merely on academics. Recruiters and account managers at TekPartners make about 30% to 50% more than their competitors, Scutero says, and each year the company’s top producers receive an all-expenses paid five-day vacation to an exotic locale such as Cabo San Lucas.